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Accessibility on Square Register

Square Register has a TalkBack option available to help you accommodate the needs of visually-impaired customers.


Use the TalkBack feature to enable your Square Register to play audio of what is represented on screen.

The 3.5mm audio jack is located on the top right of the customer display.

When headphones are inserted into the audio jack, TalkBack will automatically be enabled on the customer display. Double tap a line of text to prompt TalkBack to play the audio of the text.

Alternatively, you can enable the TalkBack feature from your Square Register settings:

  1. Tap the down arrow at the top of Square Register > tap Settings.

  2. Tap Accessibility.

  3. From here, you can toggle on the option for TalkBack.

Note: Lightning or USB C headphones are not compatible with the 3.5mm audio jack at this time. You can use a headphone jack adapter as an alternative.