Connect supported receipt printers, cash drawers and bar code scanners to the Square app on the iPad. If you have any connectivity issues after following the steps below, learn how to troubleshoot your hardware.

Create a Printer Station and Connect a Printer to Your iPad

To get started, make sure your printer has an Ethernet interface. You can order swappable interfaces but be sure to request the Ethernet connection type on your printer. 

Watch the video below for a setup overview:

What You'll need: A supported receipt printer, a standard ethernet cable and an AC power cord for the printer

Use Printer Stations to save your settings to your device and easily swap between connected printers.

Ethernet Receipt Printer

  1. Plug the power cable into the power supply port and into an outlet.
  2. Turn the receipt printer on by pressing the switch on the side of the unit. The printer lights should flash.
  3. Wait 30 seconds for the ready light to go solid, then plug the receipt printer into your router using the supplied LAN cable.
  4. Plug the LAN cable into the outlet labelled 100/10BASE on your router.
  5. From the Square app, tap: Three Horizontal Lines
  6. Tap Settings > Printers > Create Printer Station.
  7. Enter a printer station name.
  8. Tap Printer and select your printer.
  9. Make sure the receipt printer and your device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. To test your connection, tap Test Print.
  10. Toggle on Receipts, Order Tickets, and/or Order Ticket Stubs.
  11. Tap Save.

To connect multiple iPads to the same Ethernet printer, follow these steps with each iPad. You can also print copies of the same receipt to multiple printers from one iPad.

Bluetooth Printer

To connect a Bluetooth receipt printer to your iPad:

  1. Plug the power cable into the power supply port and into an outlet.
  2. Plug the round adaptor end into the hole labelled DC24 in the back of the receipt printer.
  3. You will need to pull back the casing on the plug in the direction of the arrow, in order to insert it into the receipt printer.
  4. Turn the receipt printer on by pressing the switch on the side of the unit.
  5. From the iPad’s home screen, tap Settings.
  6. Tap Bluetooth > toggle the switch on.
  7. Hold down the pair button at the back of the printer which will be the bigger red button labelled “PAIR”.
  8. Select ‘Star Micronics’ from the list of Bluetooth devices available on your iPad.
  9. Press the iPad’s home button > tap and open the Square app.
  10. From the Square app, tap: Three Horizontal Lines
  11. Tap Settings > Printers.
  12. Select ‘Create Printer Station’ and give your printer station a name. Select the printer listed underneath.
  13. Give your receipt printer a name and select what items you want printed from this station (e.g. order tickets)
  14. Turn on ‘Receipts, bills and reports’ if you want to print receipts and/or use the cash drawer.
  15. If you want to use the receipt printer in a kitchen to print order tickets, switch on ‘Order Tickets’ only.
  16. Select which categories should print on the Order Ticket (e.g. Beverages). This will allow you to print beverages to one receipt printer, and food to another.
  17. You can setup which logos and details are printed on your customer receipt by logging into your Square Dashboard.
  18. Tap Save.

Once your receipt printer is connected, learn more about printing customer receipts and order tickets for your kitchen.

Note: Bluetooth printers are only compatible with iPads running the latest version of Apple iOS.

Connect Cash Drawers to iPads

A cash drawer must be connected to a receipt printer to open automatically. Otherwise, you’ll need to manually open the drawer using the cash drawer key. To link your cash drawer to the Square app on your iPad, you can connect it to a receipt printer with an Ethernet interface or to the Star Micronics TSP654II Bluetooth thermal printer with an interface cable.

The Square app supports any APG Vasario Series cash drawer equipped with a MultiPRO Interface #320 (24V).

Note: Other Bluetooth receipt printers aren’t compatible at this time.

What you'll need: Supported APG Vasario cash drawer, CD-014A Multipro interface cable

Once the cash drawer is set up it’ll automatically open in the following scenarios:

Connect Bluetooth Scanners to iPads

  1. Scan the bar code below to put your Bluetooth Socket Mobile 7Ci into iOS pairing mode.

    Barcode to pair scanner

  2. Visit your iPad’s Settings.
  3. Make sure Bluetooth is toggled on.
  4. Tap Socket CHS from the Devices menu to pair it.

Note: Bluetooth can pair with only one mobile device at a time. To pair your Bluetooth hardware with a different iPad, you’ll first need to unpair it. 

Unpair your scanner

  1. Hold the Trigger button (large button) and the Power button (small button) down together until you hear three beeps.
  2. Release both buttons.

Follow the same steps above to pair your bar code scanner to a different iPad.