Free gift certificate templates

Download free gift certificate templates from Square.

Gift certificates to match every business need.

Create beautiful gift certificates with these simple, free templates, sent to your email inbox as a PDF. Download the gift certificates of your choice, edit them and sell them to your customers.


  1. Enter your email address to receive four gift certificates in PDF format.
  2. Download and customise your templates of choice by adding your business name and logo.
  3. Print, cut out, then distribute them in-store.
  4. Check out Square eGift Cards for a more robust gifting programme.

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Boost your sales with eGift cards from Square.

Square offers customisable and free digital gift cards that can help you increase sales and bring in new customers.

Customers who pay with gift cards spend an average of 16% more than their gift card balance.*

*Based on global sales data from sellers using Square Gift Cards.

Why choose eGift cards?

Digital gift cards that can be shared with customers virtually are great options to boost your sales.

Customisable designs.

Square eGift Cards are fully customisable to capture the look and feel of your business.

More ways to gift.

Easy for customers to give as gifts.

Convenient for customers.

Customers will never lose their eGift Card in their email inbox. They can search for it and easily pull it back up.

Easily integrates with your business.

Square eGift Cards are fully integrated with your point of sale, making full reporting and tracking possible.

It’s easy and affordable to get started.

eGift Cards bolt

  • Free to set up.
  • Set up in minutes.
  • Just pay a fee (1.4% + 25c + VAT for EU and EEA cards or 2.9% + 25c + VAT for UK or non-EEA cards) when your customer buys an eGift card from you online.

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