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Set Up Touch Free Checkout Using QR Codes and Payment Links

Offer more touch-free checkout options through your Square Point of Sale with payment links and QR codes.

When using Pay with QR Code, a QR code displays on your POS screen. Customers use their phone to scan the code — touch free — to launch the payment screen on their phone where they can checkout. They can also tip on their own phone so they don't have to touch your point of sale.

When you select Send a Payment Link, your customer will get a simple link on their own phone they can use to pay — whether they're in your store or on the go. Just text or email your customer to get started. There is no monthly fee for using payment links with QR codes. You’ll only pay Comisión de procesamiento estándar de comercio electrónico de Square of 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction.

Some immediate benefits to using these new payment methods:

  • Less Contact: Increase safety and peace of mind for your customers and staff by offering a touch-free payment experience.

  • Flexible options: Whether you’re selling multiple items, requesting a custom amount, or have tipping enabled, these new payment options flex to fit what you’re selling.

  • No obstacles: Customers don’t need to enter pin numbers or install special apps to pay.

  • Provide convenient payment options: Accept credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Square Pay.

Get Started with QR Codes and Payment links as a Touch Free Payment

In your Square Point of Sale, ring up items like you regularly would or key in prices. You can also enable tipping in your settings. When the customer is ready to pay, you’ll see Send Payment Link and Pay with QR code appear as payment options on the checkout screen.

When you select Send Payment Link:

  1. We’ll create a unique link your customer can use to pay.

  2. You can share this link via email or text to your customer’s phone.

  3. Your customer clicks the link to open a simple payment screen.

  4. Your customer can pay and tip on their phone using their credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Square Pay.

    Payment Link Created

When you select Pay with QR code:

  1. A unique QR code displays on your POS screen.

  2. Your customer scans the code with their phone to launch a simple payment screen.

  3. Your customer can pay and tip on their phone using their credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Square Pay.

    Checkout Link QR code in app - seller screen vs. customer screen

    Note: Keep in mind that using payment links as a form of payment is only available in Square Point of Sale app oncompatibilidad de dispositivos (Android or iOS only). At this time, payment links are not supported on Square Register or Square Terminal.

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