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Recursos importantes sobre COVID-19 para vendedores de Square

Sabemos que todos alrededor del mundo nos enfrentamos a desafíos únicos en este momento y, para los propietarios de negocios, es mucho lo que está en juego. Queremos ofrecerle nuestro apoyo y ayudarle de la forma en que podamos.

Esta página funcionará como un recurso para las actualizaciones de productos y comunicación sobre qué está haciendo Square para apoyar a los propietarios de negocios al atravesar estos desafíos únicos. Compartiremos nuevas funciones, alternativas para el procesamiento de pagos, sugerencias para priorizar la salud de su equipo y mucho más.

Mientras trabajamos para resolver esto en conjunto, le invitamos a que haga preguntas, exprese sus inquietudes y proporcione comentarios sobre los recursos de Square que necesite. ElSquare Seller Communityfunciona como un foro para estas conversaciones, directamente con Square y otros vendedores de Square como usted. También creamosresource hubpara ayudar a destacar herramientas adicionales que están a su disposición. NuestroSupport Centercontinuará proporcionando información útil, así como instrucciones sobre diferentes productos de Square.

Recursos útiles

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

The PPP is a stimulus program from the Small Business Administration (SBA) aiming to provide small and medium sized businesses with additional cash flow. Learn more about qualifying business types, eligible loan expenses, and loan forgiveness with Square Capital from our Paycheck Protection Program Resource Page.

We also have additional information on our Paycheck Protection Program FAQ.

Square is waiving March and April subscription fees for software products

To help sellers save where they can, Square is waiving subscription fees for software products for the month of April. We also refunded fees for the month of March. This applies to the following Square services:

This change will happen automatically, and no action needs to be taken as a subscriber to obtain a refund.

Note: If you cancel a subscription, there may be impacts to your account settings and setup if you choose to resubscribe later. Learn more about managing your subscriptions.

Town Square Business Resource Center

With challenging times making it difficult for businesses to stay open, we want to provide you with resources that can help you to continue to grow. Head over to our Town Square Business Resource Center to read up on different topics for small businesses and browse through industry-specific blog posts about current trends, growth strategies, immediate support, and more.

You can also join our Business Resources Topic in our Seller Community to see what other businesses are doing during this time.

Actualizaciones de productos y funciones

On-Demand Delivery

Square Online Store makes it easy for your business to deliver online orders with a delivery service provider through On-Demand Delivery. See what other Square Sellers are saying about using Square Online Store for on-demand delivery, in-person pickup and local delivery in our Seller Community.

Products To Help Continue Taking Payments During COVID-19

We understand that this can be a challenging time for your business and we are here to assist. Square has turned to our manufacturing and supplier partners and researched various third-party products that can help you accept payments or prepare your business to reopen. Learn more about products to help you take payments during COVID-19.

Note: These products are not intended for medical use or for the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease. For additional information on how to prepare your business during COVID-19, please see the CDC guidelines for business and workplaces.

Setting up Square Online Store and Ordering

It is easy to accept and manage online orders through the Square Online Store. Just Set up your Square Online Store and import your item library to start selling online. With options for pickup, delivery, and shipment, your customers can get what they want, while following current social distancing recommendations. Learn more about Managing Online Orders with Square.

You can also head over to your Online Store Dashboard to view COVID-19 guides that highlight key features and tips for your online business.

Pickup and delivery with online orders

Square Online Store can enable your business to take orders online for in-person pickup. We’ve also expedited the ability for you to offer curbside pickup and local delivery and waived fees for these services through June 30, 2020. See what other Square Sellers are saying about using Square Online Store for in-person pickup and local delivery in our Seller Community.

With Square for Restaurants, you can integrate popular ordering platforms like DoorDash, Caviar and Postmates for delivery and pickup orders — so you can meet your customers wherever they are. Learn more about Delivery and Pickup Integrations with Square for Restaurants.

You can also view some tutorial videos to help you get set up.

Printer Setup and Troubleshooting

As businesses have shifted from in-person payments to online orders, curbside pickup, and delivery, many business owners have found a need to rearrange their workspaces to accommodate this change. When moving hardware such as printer stations, devices need to be setup and reconnected carefully in order to resume functioning correctly. If you find yourself needing assistance getting your printing station back up and running, you can reference our printer setup guides for iOS and Android devices.

There’s also additional information in our printer troubleshooting guide.

Gift Cards: A resourceful way to help local businesses

One great way to support local businesses during social distancing is to purchase gift cards. With Square, you can create eGift cards to purchase through your business. Learn more about how to start using Gift Cards for your business.

Square has also launched the free Give and Get Local Directory to make it easier for customers to find local businesses that offer eGift Cards for online purchases.

Keeping customers updated with Square Appointments

In a continued effort to assist sellers, Square Appointments has also compiled resources to help your business combat coronavirus. Head over to the Appointments section of your online Square Dashboard and click the COVID-19 tips tab to learn more about setting up virtual appointments, keeping your customers up to date on the status of your business, editing your booking options, and more.

Send electronic invoices

With the country maintaining a heavy focus on social distancing, the likelihood of customers being unable to visit your brick and mortar business will decrease. For customers that are unable to physically shop in your store, you have the ability to bill them through Square Invoices. You can send an unlimited amount of invoices to your customers to ensure that they’re able to purchase your products and you’re able to get paid.

Payroll resources for Square Payroll employers

Do you need assistance setting up time off or changing employee payment methods? Square Payroll has you covered. Head over to the Square Payroll Coronavirus Resource Page for additional information, along with unemployment insurance and regulatory resources.

Square Payroll employees also have easy access to view and download important information needed to apply for unemployment insurance through a resources page. Employees can view this information on the resources page through their employee dashboard or on the Team App. After COVID19, employee-specific details on how to apply for unemployment insurance will continue to be accessible to the employer to give to employees on the deactivated employee profile.

Square Loyalty & Square Online Store

Using loyalty points will no longer be restricted to in-person purchases at a point of sale. Moving forward, any purchases made through Square Online Store are eligible to have loyalty points applied and rewards earned; buyers will only need to provide their phone number during the checkout process.

Square Marketing: Free COVID-19 campaigns

As more businesses are closing their storefronts, Square Marketing is providing free online marketing campaigns to help businesses communicate new product offerings and bolster sales. Sellers can send campaigns that link to their online website to promote online orders, changes to their business due to COVID-19, and purchases through Square eGift Cards. All of these features are now available to all Square sellers, even if you don’t have a Square Marketing subscription.

Read more about Getting Started with Square Marketing.

Temporarily pausing Square Installments

Square Installments has temporarily been paused for all businesses. This is being done together with our lending partner Celtic Bank to maintain safe consumer lending standards through these uncertain times. Head over to the Installments COVID-19 FAQ page for additional details.

Square Capital payment relief and resources for business loans

As business owners may be temporarily closing their storefront or seeing a decrease in sales, Square Capital is providing temporary relief on minimum payment obligations and providing additional funding resources that can help sellers manage their business.

  • Payment relief for all existing Flex Loans: If you are unable to make your next minimum payment, there will be no increase in the percentage of card sales withheld and no debits from your linked bank account from March 21 through May 20, 2020.
  • Payment relief for all External Term Loans: No debits from your linked bank accounts for any scheduled loan payments due between March 25 and May 25, 2020.
  • Capital COVID-19 business financing resources: Square Capital has rolled out a resource center to help business owners find alternative sources of funding if needed. This page will be maintained with any new sources of funding and updated on an ongoing basis.

You can find additional resources in the Square Capital COVID-19 Relief FAQ.

Increase in contactless payment limits

Due to physical distancing measures, card networks are increasing limits for contactless card payments. To help combat COVID-19 and assist sellers, Square is increasing the signature limit on contactless card transactions in step with these changes. You can read more about the new limits and when they will come into effect on our FAQ page.

Consejos útiles

Recursos sobre COVID-19 del Panel de Datos Square

Inicie sesión en su Panel de Datos Square en línea y haga clic en el cartel de recursos de COVID-19 para acceder a consejos que puedan ayudarle a administrar su negocio durante este tiempo. Obtenga información sobre cómo actualizar su horario comercial, mantenerse en contacto con sus clientes y mucho más.

Obtenga más información sobre cómo navegar por su Panel de Datos Square.

Utilice pagos sin contacto

A medida que el distanciamiento social se vuelve más común, muchos propietarios de negocios se están preguntando qué medidas pueden adoptar para que la actividad se desarrolle como de costumbre y, al mismo tiempo, poder mantener un entorno seguro, tanto para los clientes como para los miembros del personal. El Lector sin contacto y chip, Square Terminal y Square Register de Square aceptan pagos sin contacto, lo que permite a los clientes completar su compra sin necesidad de entregar una tarjeta de pago para finalizar una transacción.

Obtenga más información sobre cómo aceptar pagos sin contacto de Square.

Únase a nuestra comunidad de Square

Sabemos que hoy más que nunca es importante mantenerse conectado con los demás, ya sea que se trate de amigos, clientes o colegas propietarios de negocios, y queremos ayudar a facilitar estas conversaciones. Ahora, dentro de nuestra Comunidad de vendedores, puede unirse a estos debates y ver qué están haciendo otros negocios en su área para administrar los recursos, inspirar cambios y provocar innovaciones.

Pausar la facturación de la suscripción

Si reduce temporalmente sus operaciones comerciales, ahora tiene la capacidad de pausar la facturación de sus suscripciones al software de Square por hasta tres meses. Pausar su suscripción solo suspende la facturación; aún tendrá acceso a información comercial importante hasta el 1.° de junio de 2020. Puede leer cómo activar esta función en nuestra página de preguntas frecuentes sobre cómo pausar suscripciones.

Desactive los requisitos de firmas al aceptar pagos

A fin de mantener una distancia segura entre los clientes y usted, puede desactivar el requisito de firma al procesar una venta en la aplicación Punto de venta. Para hacerlo:

  1. Presione el ícono de la barra de navegación.
  2. Presione Ajustes > Firma y recibo.
  3. Indique si desea Nunca recolectar firmas, Siempre recolectar firmas o solo Recolectar firmas para pagos superiores a $25.

Obtenga más información sobre esta función en nuestra Comunidad de vendedores.

Ofrezca a los empleados aceptar propinas mediante Cash App

Como alternativa a aceptar propinas en efectivo o hacer que el cliente ingrese los montos de propina en su punto de venta, Cash App puede funcionar como otra plataforma para que sus empleados acepten propinas. Cash App es un producto de Square, y los fondos se enviarán a un destinatario en el transcurso de 1 a 2 días hábiles de manera gratuita, o instantáneamente por una pequeña comisión.

Visite el Centro de Atención al Cliente de Cash App para obtener información sobre cómo configurar dicha aplicación, enviar y recibir pagos y más.

Cómo mantener el hardware limpio

Puede leer sobre cómo limpiar y desinfectar hardware de Square, desde su lector de chip hasta su Square Terminal, en nuestra Comunidad de vendedores.

Cree enlaces de donaciones durante el proceso de pago en línea

Para ayudar a los negocios a mantenerse a flote, ahora puede aceptar donaciones durante el proceso de pago en línea. Si bien esto es opcional para sus clientes, puede ayudar a proporcionar una fuente de ingresos adicional para su negocio. Para activar esta función:

  1. Inicie sesión en su Panel de Datos Square en línea > seleccione Pedir donaciones.
  2. En la ventana emergente, indique Aceptar donaciones como Objetivo del enlace y dé al enlace un título opcional.
  3. Presione Crear enlace.