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Set up your Square Kiosk hardware

Who is this article for?
This article is for business owners or team members using Square Kiosk during the open beta period. Square Kiosk requires a subscription to either Square for Restaurants Free, Plus, or Premium. During this open beta period, you have access to Square Kiosk software with your Square for Restaurants subscription with no additional monthly charge.

Square Kiosk combines hardware, software, and payments — an all-in-one self-service ordering solution. Set up Square Kiosk to participate in the beta program.

Before you begin

Your kiosk station requires an iPad and a Square Stand Mount. It can be set up as a floor standing kiosk, a counter-mounted, or a wall-mounted kiosk.

You can purchase the Square Kiosk hardware kit on Square Shop.

The following iPads are compatible with the Square Kiosk app and the Square Stand Mount:

  • iPad (9th generation 2021) (Strongly recommended)

  • iPad (8th generation 2020)

  • iPad (7th generation 2019)

  • iPad Air (3rd generation 2019)

  • iPad Pro 10.5”

Note: At this time the Square Stand Mount is not compatible with the 10.9" 10th generation iPad (2022). Visit our Supported Hardware for Square Stand page for a full list of supported iPad models.

Set up hardware

Review the Square Stand Mount guide for instructions on attaching your iPad to a wall, rested on a countertop, or fixed to a VESA-compatible pedestal anywhere in your restaurant.

Set Up Guided Access

Guided Access allows you to “lock” the Kiosk app on your iPad and prevent customers from closing the app while the Kiosk is operating. Review how to use Guided Access on iPad. Once your iPad has the Square Kiosk activated and ready to accept orders, we recommend that you turn on Guided Access so that diners cannot exit out of your ordering experience and leave the app. 

Contact us

Let us know if you have any questions while going through setup – we’re here to help. Reach us at Share your experience with Square Kiosk by filling out our feedback survey.

Set up printers 

Complete your Square Kiosk set up by connecting to receipt printers.

Learn more about printer troubleshooting.

Square Kiosks cannot be directly connected to printers by USB, Ethernet, or Bluetooth, but they can print through an existing Point of Sale connected to a printer.

To ensure that Kiosk orders print, toggle on “Online Order Tickets” in the printer settings in app or on its assigned Printer Profile.

If you’re printing by category, ensure that the categories enabled for Square Kiosk are selected in the Printer profile as well.

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