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Square Local Pricing

Square Local is a pay-for-performance program, meaning participating users are only charged based on the sales that are made through the platform.

Square Local pricing is composed of two elements which are deducted at the time of purchase from the total amount that gets paid out to your business:

  1. Cash Back Rewards - You cover the amount of the cashback offer that is paid out to customers who activated an offer at your business. The amount of cashback is a percent of the total transaction amount.  Square sets the default percentages, but you can change the percentages in your Dashboard.

  2. Commission Fees - Square charges the following variable rates on the total amount of each transaction made through the program, based on the type of customer making a purchase:

New Customers (Customers who have never made a purchase at your business) 10% Commission Fee on the total transaction amount
Winback Customers (Customers who have not made a purchase at your business for over 30 days) 5% Commission Fee on the total transaction amount
Returning Customers (Customers who have made a purchase at your business within the last 30 days) 2% Commission Fee on the total transaction amount

For example: If a Winback Customer made a $10 purchase with a 15% cash back offer, the seller would pay $2 for that sale ($1.50 Cash Back Reward + $0.50 Commission Fee = $2)

Note: Pricing is Portland-specific at this time.

If you are a customer looking for support using Square Local, refer to Square Local FAQ.

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