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Amended W-2 and W-2c FAQ

Find answers to commonly asked questions about W-2s amended through the Square Payroll Amendment Service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What W-2 corrections are unsupported?

Square Payroll Amendment Service does not currently support certain informational changes on the W-2, including:

  • Employee address correction
  • Employee name change not reported to the Social Security Administration
  • Employer name or DBA correction
  • Employer address correction

To learn more about unsupported amendments, please visit Square Payroll Amendment Service FAQ.

Will Square mail my employees their amended W-2?

No, Square Payroll does not currently have the ability to mail amended tax forms to employees. You can distribute the W-2c from your Dashboard (or the W-2 attached to your invoice) to your employee by hand, by mail, or by email.

Will my amendments include a corrected Form W-3?

Yes, an amended Form W-3c will be published in your Square Dashboard under Payroll > Tax Forms once your amendments have been filed.

Will my employee need to file an extension for their personal taxes?

If the estimated completion date from your estimate is after the federal tax filing deadline, your employee may wish to file an extension for their personal taxes.

Where can I find my amended W-2s?

Forms W-2c are available on your Square Dashboard per the instructions included on your invoice. Log in to your Dashboard and go to Payroll > Tax Forms to view Forms W-2c. Form W-2c is listed separately from your employees’ W-2s, which are the original filings.

Manually prepared Forms W-2 or W-2c completed as part of your amendments are included as attachments on your invoice and do not appear in your Dashboard. Instructions for opening the attachment are included on the invoice. All forms sent as attachments are password-protected and can be opened by entering your FEIN with no dashes or spaces.

Why are there blank fields on my employee’s Form W-2c?

Only fields being corrected are reported on Form W-2c, so if there were no corrections to certain fields, both columns for this field will be blank. For example, if “previously reported” and “corrected” federal income tax are unchanged, no amount will show in those boxes.


Why doesn’t my corrected Form W-3 include all of my employees?

Form W-3 and Form W-3c are transmittal sheets that summarize the data submitted to the Social Security Administration (SSA) on employee Forms W-2 and W-2c, respectively. This means that you can receive multiple Forms W-3/W-3c and will need to perform some calculations to properly reconcile to your expected annual totals. To do this, you can use the following formula:

  Step Example
  Amount from original W-3 $10,000.00
Add: Amount from new W-3 $5,000.00
Add: “Corrected” amount from W-3c $2,500.00
Subtract: “Previously reported” from W-3c -$1,250.00
= Amended annual total $16,250.00

Why are federal and/or state tax fields blank on my amended W-2?

Per SSA guidelines, only fields being corrected should be completed on Form W-2c. To file their taxes, employees should use their original Form W-2 and the amended Form W-2c together for the correct totals.

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