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Google Listings FAQ

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Google Listings and Square.


How do I set up an Online Sales Channel?

  1. Go to Account & Settings in your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Select Online sales channels.
  3. Next to “Local listings on Google” or “Online listings on Google,” select Set up.

How is product availability determined?

If the product is available on Square Online, then it is reported to Google as “in stock”. It could be available through any fulfillment method available to Square Online.

How do I navigate to the Channel Listings manager?

  1. Go to Items > Item library on your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Select Channel listings.

How do I control which of my products are sent to Google?

From the Item library you can manage the channel assignments for each individual item by clicking into an item and looking under ‘Square Online Settings’. There you will see an assignment toggle that you can use to assign or unassign that item to Google.

Learn more about managing online item setings from your Square item library.

I have all of the required fields in Square Online but I’m still seeing validation errors. How do I resolve this?

Make sure that you have catalog sync enabled between your main item catalog and Square Online. The sync does not support rich text in Square Online.

What fields are required?

  • Name (max 150 characters)
  • Description (max 5000 characters)
  • Image
  • Price

Google Merchant Center

Do I need to create a Google Merchant Center account?

You do not need to create a Merchant Center account since one will automatically be created for you during setup. If you already have an existing Merchant Center account, you’ll be able to use it. 

Should I access my Google Merchant Center account?

Yes, we recommend you should access your Merchant Center account. This will allow you to see information about your account, all of the products that have been pushed to Google, and how they are performing - all from your Square account.

You will need to access your Merchant Center account to set up shipping (varies by country) and taxes settings (US only). These are recommended settings to set up which can potentially help your free listings to appear.

Why was my Google Merchant Center account suspended?

Google suspends accounts that don’t meet their requirements which includes the presence of a return policy, visible payment methods, and two pieces of contact info on your website. Log into your Merchant Center account and view your messages to see any specific reason(s) why they suspended your account.

Product Listings

What is Google Product Listings?

Google Local Product Listings allow you to share your item catalog across multiple Google surfaces including Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Maps, Google Lens, Google Assistant, and Google Images.

With a Square integration to Google free local product listings, you won’t need to dedicate time to create and update product feeds for your local inventory. With an active local inventory feed, you can easily purchase local inventory ads through your AdWords account.

Does Square support Local Listings?

Yes, we currently support Google free Local Listings. Local listings will display your product image and information, including the price and availability. When using keywords such as “near me” or “where to buy,” customers in your area will see your products in search results.

If you have a Square Online website, customers can click on your listings which will route them to the product description page on your Square Online website. Customers can learn more about the items, check local availability, and purchase the item online or for in-store pick-up.

Learn how to set up Google Local Listings on Square.

How do I set up Google Product Listings with Square?

Read an overview, requirements, and detailed setup information on how to set up Google Product Listings with Square.

Enhanced Listings

Does Square support Enhanced Listings?

Not at this time. Google no longer offers Enhanced Listings.

Free Listings

Why don’t I see my Free Listings Appear?

Free Listings can’t be directly influenced as it is a free program. Review Google’s best practices for listing your products for free which can be implemented to help your listings appear.

Where will my products appear?

Free Listings can appear in search results across Google Search, Google Images, and the Google Shopping tab. Learn more about the different Google surfaces.

Suspended Account

How do I request a re-review if my account has been suspended?

If your account has been suspended, you can request a review if you confirm the underlying suspension is no longer there. If there is any clarification needed or you would like to request a review, reach out to Google directly via Google’s Contact Us form.

Learn more about account-level enforcement for policy violations.

Why did I receive an account warning or suspension?

If your website or your products are not in compliance with Google Merchant Center requirements and Shopping ads policies, your product or account may be disapproved and you may receive:

  • A warning email: This will include details about the issue, how to fix it, and when you need to fix the issue by (usually seven days).

  • An account suspension: If your issues are not fixed, you’ll receive emails containing all of the relevant information related to the account suspension. Once you resolve all issues, your account or website will be reviewed and the suspension will be lifted.

Learn more about account-level enforcement for policy violations and disapprovals of product data suspensions.

My products or account suspended for alcohol, what can I do?

Alcohol is allowed on Google Free Listings as long as they fit their policy for alcohol. In addition, every product will need to have a Google product category with the associated alcohol product category.

Once you implement the necessary changes, you can request a re-review on the product in Merchant Center. For account suspensions re-reviews or if you like additional clarification, contact Google directly via Google’s Contact Us form.

My product data and account is suspended for adult content, what can I do?

Google requires you to flag your account or specific products for adult related content that meets their policy.

  • For individual products, label those products only using the adult attribute.
  • For websites where the business is generally focused on an adult audience and contains adult-oriented products, use the account level settings instead. If this is used, then there won’t be a need to add the adult attributes to the products.

Learn more on how to implement the above via Google’s website.


Where can I get further assistance with my Google Merchant Center account?

For support with Google Product Listings or Google Shopping: