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Set Up Fulfillment Options with Square Checkout Links

If you use checkout links, you can set up shipping and pickup fulfillment for any items you sell. To do so from your online Dashboard.

  1. From the main menu, select Online Checkout

  2. Click on Settings > Order Fulfillment

  3. Select your fulfillment option: Shipping, Pickup, or both.

Note: Shipping is available by default for all “Sell an item” links. If you choose to enable both Shipping and Pickup, your customer will be able to choose how they’d like to receive their items.

Set Up Pickup

  1. After selecting Pickup, be sure to verify your display address. You can visit your Dashboard location settings for any adjustments.

  2. Select the drop down for Prep Time. Specify how much prep time it will take to have orders ready. Keep in mind the default prep time is Available immediately.

  3. To set up pickup instructions for your customers, provide detailed instructions in the text box labeled Pickup Instructions. The information you enter will be sent to the customer for each pickup order.

  4. Set up your Pickup Hours. This will default to the business hours you have set in your Dashboard location settings.

  5. If you would like your customer to schedule their pickup time during your business hours, toggle ON Allow scheduled pickup.

  6. Click Save.

Set Up a Shipping Fee

  1. From the main menu of your online Square Dashboard, select Online Checkout

  2. Click on Settings > General.

  3. You can set a standard rate for shipping for each item link.  

  4. Click Save.

For more advanced settings like curbside pickup and minimum order amounts, get started with Square Online to set up your in-store and curbside pickup settings.

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