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Get Started with Square Contracts

With Square Contracts, you have the ability to create and send contracts right from your online Square Dashboard. Establish clear service agreements with your customers, secure digital signatures, and avoid potential payment disputes.

Choose one of Square’s predefined templates and customize it to meet your needs or build an entirely new template from scratch for your business. You can create custom clauses from scratch, duplicate and edit any Square provided clause, and reorder them to appear in the contract as you see fit. Contract PDFs will also now include your business logo and color, along with a few other styling updates to reinforce your professional brand.

Send a Contract

To send a contract:

  1. Go to Contracts in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Select New contract to select a template and then click Create.

  3. Fill out the customizable fields in your selected template. Save as draft at any point to save changes and finish the contract later.

  4. Click Next to select the clauses to include in the contract. Square provides predefined clauses, but you are able to reorder, remove, or edit them as needed.

  5. Click Next to preview the contract.

  6. Select Share to either email the contract or download a PDF to deliver it manually.

Edit a Contract

Unsigned contracts in a In review state can be edited, which allows you to make changes to the contract as needed. To edit a contract that is In review:

  1. Go to Contracts in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Under the contract in question, select "..." > Edit.

  3. Once you finish editing the contract, resend the updated version to your customer so they may sign it.

When you've entered the Edit state, your customer will automatically get locked out of the contract to prevent them from signing it as you make updates. Once you're done editing, you'll need to reshare the contract with your customer. They will receive an email about the updated contract that prompts them to review and sign the updated version.

Contract Templates

Instead of creating a contract from scratch each time with business specific information, you can create custom templates for each type of engagement you may have. The next time you need to create and send a contract, you can start with a configuration that is already aligned with your business needs. Below is a brief description of each template type, with context on how they might help address your specific business needs.

Create a contract template

Create your own contract template or build an entirely new template from scratch to meet the needs of your business and each type of engagement you may have. To get to contract templates:

  1. Go to Contracts in your online Square Dashboard > Contract Templates.

  2. You can choose to create a custom template from scratch or build a custom template based off of one of Square’s predefined templates.

  3. Select New template under Custom templates to create a custom template from scratch. To create a custom template based off of one of Square’s predefined templates, select the Square template you want to start with from Standard templates.

  4. Click Duplicate on the bottom right of the screen.

  5. Add details into the Template information and Contract information sections then click Next.

  6. Add the clauses you want to apply to the contract. Custom templates require you to include at least one clause in order to save.

  7. Click Next to save.

The next time you send a new contract, you will see your custom template available as an option to choose from.


Use the clause library to create and manage a set of custom clauses that can be added to any individual contract instance or contract template.

Contracts supports 2 different types of clauses: the ones provided by default by Square, and custom clauses created by you. There are 3 different types of custom clauses you can create.

  • Library clauses: library clauses are custom clauses you can create in your clause library, that then appear on all templates/contract instances so that you can choose to include them in the contract or template instance. You can only create, edit, or delete library clauses from the clause library itself.

  • Template clauses: custom clauses created for specific custom templates.

  • Contract clauses: custom clauses created for specific contract instances.

To get started with adding clauses:

1. Go to your online Square Dashboard > Invoices.
2. Go to Contracts > Clauses.
3. Select "+" by Add custom clause.

As you add clauses, you can Edit, Duplicate, or Delete your custom clauses, or use the search bar to navigate your clause library.

Attach Contracts to your Square Payments

You can link Square contracts to specific payments in your online Square Dashboard, either from your Transactions page or when you create a new Square Invoice. Associating your contracts to the related payments will allow you to keep track of all important information about that particular sale in one place.

Attach a contract to a transaction

  1. Go to the Transactions tab in your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Select the transaction to see the transaction details.
  3. Click on the overflow menu (…), then select Attach a contract from the drop-down menu.
  4. Use the search tool to select the Square Contract you want to attach, then select Save.

Attach a contract to a Square Invoice

  1. Go to the Invoices tab in your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Select Create Invoice.
  3. Fill out the required invoice details, and select Attach a Square Contract in the More Options section.
  4. Use the search tool to select the Square Contract you want to attach, then click Save.

Add a contract to a Square Appointment

When you enable the Appointments integration from your Appointments Settings page, we will automatically generate a contract with the customer’s details provided upon requesting a booking, using the template you chose in their settings for that business location. Any payments made towards that appointment will be later associated with the contract automatically. To enable contracts with Appointments:

  1. Go to Appointments in your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Click on Settings then Communications.
  3. Under Digital customer contracts, toggle on Send a digital contract to all customers upon booking.
  4. Select the contract template.
  5. Click Done then click Save.

Add a contract via the Invoices app or Square app

You can also attach contracts to your invoices on the Square Invoices app and the Square Point of Sale app on compatible iOS and Android devices.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a fee associated with using Square Contracts?

At this time, Square Contracts are included with your Square account at no additional cost.

How do my customers e-sign a contract?

If you send your contract via email, the recipient will receive an email from Square Contracts. When they open the email, they’ll see your business name as well as a prompt to sign the contract electronically. To sign the contract, the recipient will:

  1. Click Review and sign in the email.
  2. Enter their email to verify their identity.
  3. Securely view the contract, and electronically initial and sign.
  4. Select Finish & send to email a copy of the finalized contract to you and themselves for record keeping.

Can I customize my contract? Do you offer any other templates?

Yes—you can clone and edit any Square-provided clauses to meet your needs as well as create custom clauses from scratch. You can also reorder clauses within the contract.

Is this contract sufficient from a legal perspective?

Square Contracts only provides sample templates for you to create your own contract. Square does not provide any legal advice, and we do not guarantee or advise that any contract is suitable for your purposes or enforceable in any jurisdiction. Square provides these templates to individuals choosing to prepare their own contractual documents for their private use. If you need legal advice as to the accuracy, sufficiency, or enforceability of specific contract terms, you should consult with a licensed attorney.

For more information, please view Square Contracts Terms and Conditions.

How do I include a deposit request in my contract?

In the Payment schedule section of the contract, select Multiple payments. This allows you to split the total cost of a project into two payments—a deposit and a final payment. We plan to add support for more installments in the future so you can detail more than two milestone payments owed.

How do I use preselected clauses?

Each Square template will have a set of clauses already preselected for you. This is just a starting point for the template you select, and you can reorder, remove, or edit clauses to customise the contract. It’s important to note that some of the predefined clauses will have placeholder text in brackets for you to fill in.

When would I select No payment information on the Details page?

To further customize contract templates to fit your business, you the option to select No payment information. This is great if you need the flexibility of excluding detailed payment information, such as payment amount and due dates. Currently, this is most common for the Completion of Services, Confirmation of Delivery, or the COVID-19 Agreement templates.

What if my customer gets an error when trying to access a contract?

For a customer to successfully view a contract you send them, they need to access the contract from the exact email address your included in the contract.

For instance, if you write the customer’s email as in the contract, but the customer attempts to access the contract from, they will fail the two-factor authentication. Our system will recognize that the emails don’t match, and the customer will get an error message.

If the customer gets this error message, they may need to ask you for the exact email address you listed so they can access the contract.

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