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Manage online orders with Square FAQ

Review answers to frequently asked questions about managing all online order types with Square — whether from your website or your third-party partnership integration.

What’s the difference between Square Online and partnership integrations?

Note: Both platforms will push online orders to the Orders tab of your Dashboard and Square app.

Why are my delivery orders reflecting as pickup or curbside in the app?

This is due to a third-party partnership integration. When a customer places an order through a third-party partner, you’ll be able to view the delivery orders in the pickup or curbside sections of the Orders tab.

Can I receive a notification every time I receive a new online order? How about when my customer arrives for a curbside pickup order?

Yes. To set up notifications:

  1. From your Square Point of Sale, go to ≡ More > Settings > Orders.
  2. Tap Alerts & Notifications.
  3. Toggle on Allow new order notifications.
  4. Toggle on Allow curbside alerts to receive an alert when your customer arrives for a curbside pickup order.

Note: Make sure that you’ve allowed notifications for the Square app on your device. Push notifications won’t appear on Square Terminal or Square Register.

Can I manage orders for multiple locations from the app?

Yes. To start, switch your location in the app to view orders for that location.

Will my Square Gift Cards work with partnership integrations?

Not at this time. When customers place an order through a partnership integration, they won’t be able to use Square Gift Cards associated with your business.

Note: If you’re accepting online orders through Square Online, customers can still use Square Gift Cards or eGift Cards to place orders on your site.

Can I send specific item categories to different printers for online order tickets?

Yes. If you’ve assigned item categories to different printer stations, when online orders come in, they’ll follow the same routing logic as orders placed in-house.

Can I cancel items once a customer places an order through a partner?

To partially or completely cancel an order, you’ll need to take action from the ordering platform where the order was placed. You won’t be able to cancel an order from the Square app. Once the order is canceled through the partner, it’ll be marked as Completed.

Can I delay the pickup or local delivery time of an order in Square Point of Sale?

The answer depends on where the order originates. Some integrations allow the delay of the order fulfillment time. Please contact your integration partner if you would like this feature.

Why is the status of my order marked in red?

The status of an order will be highlighted in red if the order is at risk of being late. This is determined by looking at the prep time, pickup time, and the time the order was placed.

For example, if an order is placed at 10:00am for pickup at 10:30am and there’s a prep time of 35 minutes, the order status will be marked in red since the order’s at risk of not making the pickup time. Any orders marked in green aren’t at risk of being late.

Do my employees need permission to manage pickup or local delivery orders?

Yes, employees with the permission enabled to view orders will be able to view and manage those order types.