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Square Team App for Payroll Subscribers


The Square Team app gives team members the ability to sign up for Square Payroll and create their account, view their pay stubs, update their personal information, change their direct deposit payment method, request time off, and more. The app also gives team members the ability to clock in/out without the need to use the Square Point of Sale app. Not only does this help you manage your team better, but it also enables a contactless, hygienic clock in option — reducing the need for shared surfaces and potential crowding around the point of sale.

If you are an employer using Square Payroll, you may be interested in learning more about the Square Payroll app.

Get Started

There are a few ways to get started with the Square Team app. If you have team members with existing permissions, they can download the app directly to their iPhone or Android device.

To download the app:

Download the Square Team App for iPhone

  1. Tap the App Store icon on your iPhone.iOS App Store icon

  2. Tap the search icon (magnifying glass) > search for Square Team. Team App Icon

  3. Tap Get next to the Square Team app icon and follow the prompts to complete the download.

  4. Follow the prompts to set up your app.

Note: If you need help with your Apple ID, please contact AppleCare.

Download the Square Team App for Android

  1. Tap the Google Play icon on your device. Google Play Icon

  2. Tap the search field or icon (magnifying glass) > search for Square Team. Team App Icon

  3. Tap the result Square Payroll > Install > follow the onscreen instructions to complete the download.

  4. Once you have downloaded the app, tap Open or locate the Square Team icon on your home screen > open the app.

Note: If you need help setting up your Google account, please contact Google Help.

For employers that are creating new team members or updating permissions for existing team members, an onboarding email will be sent directly to the team member after their team profile and permissions have been successfully created or updated. To do so:

Send Square Team App Onboarding Email to New Team Member

  1. Visit Staff > Team in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Click Create Team Member.

  3. Enter the team member’s first and last name, along with their email address. Note: You will also have the option to enter their phone number and a unique Team Member ID.

  4. From their newly created team profile, select Complete setup.

  5. Once you’ve entered their Job Title details, select Set up permissions.

  6. Choose Team Permissions, an existing permission set, or Create a new permission set.

  7. Enable the appropriate permissions for the team member, including the ability to clock in/out > select the appropriate access points for the team member.

  8. Click Save.

If you also need to pay your team member through Square Payroll, please take these additional steps to add a W-2 employee or a 1099 contractor to your Square Payroll dashboard. Team members can create and access their payroll account through a web browser or through the Team App.

Note: To set up your Square Payroll account, your employer would need to send you an email invitation with a unique link to accept the invite. If you didn't receive an email invitation to sign up from your employer, have your employer confirm that they have the correct email address on file for you and then resend the invitation.

You can also update permissions for existing team members by visiting their profile(s) from the Team section in your online Square Dashboard and clicking Edit next to Permissions. Once new permissions have been assigned, your new or existing team member(s) will receive an onboarding email to download the Square Team app.

App Layout

Once your team member(s) have downloaded the Square Team app and created their payroll, they will be able to utilize a number of different features. You can find information on how to navigate the Square Team app below.


From the main screen, team members can view their hours worked and earnings for the current pay period, clock in/out, and view their timecards. Team members can tap the Clock In, Take Break, or Clock Out buttons from the Home screen of the Square Team app to track their time.

With Shifts Plus or Team Management (Team Plus), you can also request that your tip-eligible team members declare cash tips earned for their shift when clocking out or switching jobs by toggling on Declare cash tips from the Shifts tab of your dashboard. When your team member(s) are clocking in, they can also tap the Add note button to include a note with their shift details for the day.

Keep in mind: In order to access notes on timecards or to declare cash tips when clocking out or switching jobs, you will need to make sure your business is subscribed to Team Plus, Shifts Plus, or other services like Square for Retail Plusor Square for Restaurants Plus. You'll also need to enable your team members to track time from the Team app. You can do so by taking the following steps:

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, navigate to Timecards > Settings > Clock in/out.

  2. Toggle on Clock in/out from the Team app > press Save.

If you have assigned different locations to team members, they can update these by tapping the Gear icon in the upper right corner of the Home screen. They can also select which job title they’re working under when they clock in. To ensure accurate timecards, all team members will need to allow the Square Team app to use their location while using the app. Learn more about enabling location services.


Team members can manage their shifts by keeping an eye on their hours worked and breaks taken. They will have the option to tap on a specific timecard to view the regular, overtime, and total hours worked that shift.


Team members can view their schedule and shift details, including hours scheduled and what job title their shift is scheduled for. In addition, by selecting More from the homepage, they can update their Availability and Notifications associated with their schedule.


From here, team members can view additional information that is on file from them, such as work location and payroll details. Further information for each tab for payroll team members is below.

Personal Info

To update tax withholdings or personal information, team members can tap their name at the top of the navigation bar. Changing tax withholding data will not impact pending direct deposits but will only take effect on future payroll runs.

Tax Forms

Team members can view the W-2 and/or 1099-NEC forms Square Payroll has filed on their behalf with the IRS. If employers opt in to paper mail through the Payroll Settings tab, Square Payroll will mail a physical tax form in January to the address we have on file for the team member once the tax year concludes.

To download or print tax forms, they will need to log into their Square Payroll team member dashboard from a computer.

Note: Team members who are no longer active cannot login in to the Team App. Deactivated team members can only access payroll documents, such as tax forms and paystubs, through their Team Member Dashboard.

Linked Accounts

From this tab, team members can update their direct deposit payment method. If their profile is set up for direct deposit, team members will have several options:

  • Cash App: If the team member opted to use the Cash App, they will receive their pay a day faster. They’ll have the option to request a free Visa debit card so they can access their funds via any ATM and have those ATM fees reimbursed. Learn more about the Cash Card.

  • External Bank Account: Accounts can be added, edited, or deleted. If adding an account, enter the account holder’s name, the routing number, and the account number. These can be found on their bank’s website or at the bottom of their paper checks. View step-by-step instructions on adding your bank account. If team members want to split their paycheck between two different bank accounts, they can add multiple bank accounts here. 

  • On-Demand Pay: If choosing to access their wages early, team members can choose their transfer destination and their fee source on this tab. Learn more about On-Demand Pay.

Note: Edits to the direct deposit bank account bank account will not affect pending direct deposits or runs in progress, but will be used for future payroll runs.

Deposits & Transfers

From this tab, team members can manage their direct deposits and opt to split their net paycheck between two different bank accounts. If multiple bank accounts have been added, click Change next to the deposit destination and toggle on Split direct deposit. From here, team members can indicate the percentage of their paycheck that they would like sent to each respective bank account. 

Any changes to deposits and transfers will not impact any pending payroll, but will take effect during the next pay cycle. 


Team members will have the option to track and manage their pay by tapping on a specific paystub to view the earnings, taxes, and deductions for the pay period.

To download or print paystubs, they will need to log into their Square Payroll team member dashboard from a computer.


View any benefits you are currently enrolled in along with any benefit deductions.

In this section of the app, payroll team members will see several direct-to-employee benefits offerings that range from remote health care, health insurance, retirement savings, and tax withholding assistance. Direct-to-employee benefits are not employer sponsored, and payroll team members can choose the benefit partnership that best fits their needs at a Square Payroll discounted rate.

Learn more about direct-to-employee benefits with Square Payroll in our Support Center.

Time Off

Team members can request time off from the Time Off section by tapping Request time off.

Sign Out

Tap Sign Out to exit the app.

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