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How Customers Can Unsubscribe From Square Marketing Emails

Square Email Marketing allows sellers to send promotions, announcements, event invitations, and even coupons to their customers.

Note: Only a Square business that you have directly provided your email address to has access to that personal information. Often this occurs the first time you enter your email address to receive a receipt. You may receive marketing email (facilitated by Square) from other Square Sellers you have shopped at.

Square doesn’t share your contact information with sellers who you have not directly given it to. If you’re receiving a marketing email via Square from a seller who you didn’t provide your email to, they do not have access to view your email address and can only market to you via Square Marketing. We do this to help support the small businesses using Square, but also want to make it easy for you to unsubscribe, which can be done from the bottom of any Square Marketing email.

Unsubscribe from a Square Seller’s Marketing emails

You can unsubscribe from a Square business’ emails from the footer of any email you’ve received from Square. To do so:

  1. Click Manage Preferences at the bottom of your receipt.

  2. Under_Email Preferences_ toggle off Receive offers & updates to unsubscribe from all Square business’ email marketing campaigns. To unsubscribe from a specific Square business’ emails, scroll down to *Businesses visited, and toggle off offers & updates for each individual business.

Square Profile Unsubscribe Email

Receiving Sellers’ Marketing Emails

A Square Seller can send you a Marketing email if you provided them with your email address through specific channels, including but not limited to:

  • Recording the email address when booking through Square Appointments.

  • Communicating with the seller via email.

  • Email collection through a website or online purchase.

  • Writing your email address on a sign up sheet.

  • Entering your email address when choosing to receive a digital receipt.

Square Sellers will then have your email address saved.

If you’ve previously entered your email address at a Square Seller to receive a digital receipt, when you purchase from other Square Sellers they will be able to email you for up to a year after your latest purchase. However, these sellers will not have your actual email address — only the original seller you provided it to.

Learn more about Automatic Receipts and Square’s Privacy Policy.