Unsubscribe From Square Marketing Emails for Customers

Square Email Marketing allows sellers to send promotions, announcements, event invitations and even vouchers to their customers.

Note: Only a Square business that you have directly provided your email address to has access to that personal information. Square doesn’t share your contact information with sellers without your consent.

Unsubscribe from a Square Seller’s Marketing emails

You can unsubscribe from a Square business’ marketing emails from the footer of any marketing email that you’ve received from Square. To do so:

  1. Click Unsubscribe from [Seller].


  1. Click Update My Communication Preferences at the bottom of the email.

  2. Select 'I do not want to receive emails from any merchants.'

Receiving Sellers’ Marketing Emails

A Square seller can send you a marketing email if you provided them with your consent and email address through specific channels, including but not limited to:

  • Email collection through a website or online purchase.

  • Writing your email address on a signup sheet.

That particular Square seller will then have your email address saved.

Ask your Square Seller about their privacy policy.

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