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View Your Square Marketing Campaign Status

When creating a Square marketing campaign, you are able to view the actual status of the campaign you sent: whether your campaign is getting ready to be sent, currently being sent, or if it has already been sent.

Monitor Your Campaign’s Send Status

You are able to find the status of each campaign you are working on, or have worked on, in your online Square Dashboard. To view a campaign’s status:

  1. Log in to the Marketing section of your online Square Dashboard.

  2. View the Status column next to each campaign name.

Campaign Statuses

Square Marketing campaigns can have multiple statuses depending on which stage they are in:

  • Active: A campaign that is currently running. It could be for an automated campaign that you’ve turned on, or if you offered a discount or coupon, it is still redeemable and hasn’t expired yet. Queued means the campaign is in line and about to be sent out, and Sending means it’s in the process of being sent out.

  • Draft: This is a campaign that you’ve saved but haven’t sent yet.

  • Scheduled: A campaign that is scheduled to go out at a certain time in the future. To set this status, select Schedule instead of Send on the Review and Send page during the campaign creation process.

  • Recurring: This is a campaign that is set to be sent repeatedly. You can create recurring campaigns by selecting Schedule instead of Send on the Review and Send page during the campaign creation process.

  • Completed: A campaign that has already been sent out, and any discounts offered through it have expired.

Please note: If there’s a coupon attached, the status of the campaign will remain Active until the coupon has expired.

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