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Boosting Facebook Posts with Square Marketing

Square’s Facebook integration makes it possible to post a promotion, announcement or event to your business’ Facebook Page, and track the results from your campaign dashboard. You can also boost your post on Facebook, which helps to make sure that more of your fans will see your message – all through Square Marketing.

Share Promotions via Facebook

Follow these steps to link your Facebook account to Square Marketing:

  1. Visit Marketing in your online Square Dashboard > click Create Campaign.

  2. Customize the content and design of your campaign.

  3. From the Audience screen, click Link Facebook Account > Approve on Facebook.

  4. From Facebook, click Okay to accept all permissions.

  5. From your online Square Dashboard, select the Facebook groups you’d like to include in your promotion > click Continue to complete sending your campaign. 

This extends the reach of your promotions, and brings your business before an even wider audience.

Note: At this time you can’t set a cap on the number of coupon redemptions. 

What does it mean to boost a Facebook post?

You boost a post on Facebook when you spend money to help promote your post. Free, or “Organic” posts, only reach an estimated 3-10% of people who like your page, while Boosted posts appear higher in your fan’s News Feed – meaning there’s a better chance your audience will see them.

Learn more about the different kinds of Facebook ads.

Setting up a Boosted Post

To set up a Boosted Post:

  1. Make sure Share on Facebook is toggled On in the Audience screen.

  2. Set the maximum budget you’d like to spend boosting your post using the slider.

  3. Review and confirm the audience and budget details, and click Send Now.

Helping Customers to Opt-Out of Sharing Their Info with Facebook

When you create an ad on Facebook with Square Marketing, you’ll be able to see how many customers saw your ad and made a purchase. This advanced reporting is a great way to see how effective your ad was – but not all of your customers will want to share this information.

If your customer wishes to opt out of sharing their Square transaction data with Facebook, ask them to contact Square Support directly. We’ll help make sure their information isn’t shared moving forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will see my boosted post?

Your boosted posts will be targeted to your recent customers and people who like your Page.

How much does it cost?

There’s a $2 minimum budget required to boost your post. The maximum budget is set by Facebook and will vary depending on how many people like your page. Once you set the budget, Square Marketing will send and manage your campaign with Facebook. After the boosted campaign is complete, you will be billed for the actual cost in your next monthly billing cycle. It is possible that the final cost will be less than your budgeted amount.

Does Square take a cut of my budget?

No. What you elect to spend is exclusively used to pay for boosting your post.

How do you calculate Estimated Impressions?

The estimated impressions for an Organic Post (free) are based on industry data and Facebook’s published guidelines. This estimate equates up to 10% of your followers, though actual exposure of free posts can vary.

For a Boosted Post, the estimated impressions are provided by Facebook, and are based on several factors, including the number of people who like your Page, the budget you’ve selected, and more. The actual impressions could vary, and your final spend may be less than the maximum budget you set if Facebook delivers fewer impressions. Click here for more information.

Can I boost my post across multiple Facebook pages?

At this time, Square supports posting campaigns to one page at a time – meaning you can post a campaign to your business or personal page, but not both with the same campaign. If you manage multiple business pages, you’ll need to create separate campaigns for each one. To select which page should receive the post, click on the profile picture icon to the right of the “Shareable on Facebook” toggle. This will make all pages linked to your email account visible for you to select.

Why can’t I boost my post?

If you’ve linked your Facebook account and don’t see the option to boost your post, it may be because you don’t have a business page on Facebook. Only pages can run advertising and boost posts. If you don’t have a business page, you can still share your content through an organic (free) post to your personal Facebook.

I boosted my campaign - what happens next?

As soon as you click “Send Now” and your campaign is delivered, your post will appear on your business page.  You can visit your business page following campaign delivery to see the post. Anyone who visits your page will also see it.

Before your boosted post appears in the News Feed of people who like your page, Facebook will review it. Boosted Page posts are generally reviewed in less than 60 minutes. However, in some instances, it may take longer. So, it may take a little time for your post to start appearing in News Feeds.  Click here for more information about Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines

Where do I see my results?

Impressions, clicks and sales resulting from your boosted Facebook posts will be included in your Square campaign report. Simply log in to your Square Dashboard and visit the Marketing tab. There you’ll find each of your campaigns. Click on your desired campaign and you’ll see a section summarizing Facebook activity. This data is updated every 3 hours.

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