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Business Types That Use Cash for Business

A Cash for Business account is required to accept payments for services or goods under the Cash App Terms of Service. Below is a list of example business types and organizations who need a Cash for Business account:

Category Example
Health, Beauty, and Hair Massage, Chiropractor, Hair Salon, Barber, etc.
Therapy Counselor, Psychologist, Physical Therapy, etc.
Fitness Personal Trainer, Instructor, etc.
Professional Service Accountant, Consultant, Photographer, etc.
Home Service Pet Care, Landscaping, Lawn Care, Child Care, etc.
Nonprofit Religious Organization, Community Fundraiser, etc.
Teacher Education, Music, Coaching, etc.
Product Apparel, Food, Goods, etc.
Organization Reimbursement, Expense, etc.
Web Design, Site Hosting, etc.

If you would like to use Cash App with friends and family you’re encouraged to create a separate account for personal use.

If you believe that your account has been misclassified, please contact us with additional information on how you’re using Cash App.