Integrate delivery and pickup apps with Square for Restaurants

Who is this article for?
This article is for business owners integrating third-party delivery and pickup apps with their Square for Restaurants point of sale.

Before you begin 

With Square for Restaurants, you can integrate popular ordering platforms for delivery and pickup orders. You can select the partners with which you want to integrate from your Square Dashboard and finish setup through the third-party platform. Once you select your partners, you can select the devices on which you want to accept orders.

When using specific third-party integrations with Square, items and variations within your Item Library have pre-existing fields known as custom attributes. With custom attributes, you can add additional information to your existing and new items, as well as provide contextual information to third-party developers regarding those same items and variations. For example, a business selling wine may want to store custom attributes such as vintage, origin and tasting notes. Learn more about how to manage custom attributes.

Integrate an order partner

  1. Sign in to your Square Dashboard and select Items & Orders > Orders > Order partners.

  2. Select the order partner with whom you want to integrate and select Get started. If you don’t see the order partner you use, select View all apps to see more options.

  3. Under Accept pickup and delivery orders on your Point of Sale, click Manage and select the devices on which you want to accept orders and click Save.

If you have issues integrating with your order partner, reach out directly to the order partner for assistance with troubleshooting.

Next steps

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