Filter Orders by Category with Square KDS

Who is this article for?
This article is for restaurant owners and staff using Square KDS as their kitchen display with Square for Restaurants. Square KDS is included in Square for Restaurants Plus and Premium subscriptions.

Before you begin

Filtering orders by category on your KDS helps you route items and orders to specified KDS screens, increasing your team’s efficiency to prep orders faster with the relevant order information available for each kitchen station.

Filter by item categories

Go to your Square Dashboard to use your account default item categories for filtering:

  1. On your Square Dashboard create categories for your items.

  2. Assign items to the category.

  3. Go into your KDS to choose which categories you want to route to the KDS screen.

Filter by kitchen categories

Part 1: Turn on kitchen categories.

  1. On your Square Dashboard navigate to Devices > Kitchen Settings > Kitchen Routing.

  2. Toggle on Use Kitchen routing categories on KDS.

  3. If you have not created kitchen categories, click Create New Category and assign items to your new kitchen category. You can return to Item Settings at any time to edit which items are assigned to which kitchen category.

Part 2: Choose which categories will route to the KDS screen.

  1. On your Square KDS, go to Settings > Routing > Item & Categories.

  2. Confirm you see the list of kitchen categories (if not visible, go back and check the Kitchen Routing page on your Square Dashboard).

Next Steps

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