Tap to Pay on Android FAQ

View answers to common questions about Tap to Pay on Android.

How do I find the NFC chip location?

On a majority of devices you will find the NFC chip is located towards the centre of the device.

Tip: For the best results when taking a Tap to Pay payment, the card or NFC device should be placed towards the centre of the back of your device. Process a test payment to locate the NFC chip on your device.

Will my personal contactless cards be charged from my mobile wallet if I use Tap to Pay on Android?

No, when Tap to Pay on Android is enabled, it will prevent your device from charging contactless cards in your mobile wallet.

However, if you use a phone case that holds physical cards, we recommend removing them from your phone case to prevent accidentally charging your own card. You can also disable NFC in your Android device settings when you aren’t processing Tap to Pay on Android payments.

To do so:

  • Navigate to your device Settings > Connections > NFC and Contactless Payments.
  • Toggle off NFC to disable.
    • Toggle on NFC to re-enable.

Which Android devices are compatible with Tap to Pay on Android?

Tap to Pay on Android is compatible with many Android devices, check out our compatibility page to search your specific device.

Tap to Pay on Android is not compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 and Note 9.

Note: If you are using Square for Restaurants, Tap to Pay on Android is only compatible with Samsung A32 5G and Samsung A13.

How do I disable Tap to Pay on Android?

You can disable Tap to Pay at any time in the compatible Square apps by navigating to ≡ More > Settings > Hardware > Tap to Pay > toggle off Tap to Pay.

Why are the card numbers different when I use Tap to Pay on Android?

You may notice the number on the payment is different from your customer’s physical payment card number. The reason behind this is that when a contactless payment is made (through Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay) a tokenised number is generated to serve as an ID for the payment. To clarify, the actual card number isn’t used for the NFC payment itself, but rather this generated payment token.

Can my Team Members use Tap to Pay on Android?

Yes, as long as your employee’s permission set has ‘Take payments’ enabled under Checkout.

To enable this permission setting:

  1. Navigate to Team in your Square Online Dashboard.
  2. Select Permissions and choose the permission set.
  3. Select Checkout and tick the box next to ‘Take payments’.
  4. Click Continue > Save.
  5. Repeat for each permission set used.

Learn more about Team Management.

Why can’t I use Tap to Pay on Android? What should I do if I see an error message about the reader?

If you see a ‘Reader Failed to Connect, Please check your network connection’ or ‘Developer Options Not Supported’ error message, your Android device may have ‘Developer options/mode’ enabled.

You’ll need to disable this setting in order to use Tap to Pay on Android, to do so:

  1. Go to your device Settings > System > Developer options/mode
    • You can also search for ‘Developer options’ or ‘Developer mode’
  2. Turn off ‘Developer options’ or ‘Developer mode’
  3. Force quit the Square app (swipe up on your screen and close the app).
  4. Restart your Android device

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