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Print from Square KDS

Connect a printer to your KDS to print order tickets for your customers for in-person, delivery and collection orders.

Order tickets contain: 

  • Order name

  • Order ID

  • Date and time (when order was placed)

  • Customer name

  • Fulfilment type 

  • Items (including modifiers and variations)

  • KDS station name

Create a Printer Station for the KDS

Once you connected your supported printer, you can create a printer station to start routing categories to separate printers. To get started:

  1. On the KDS, tap Settings > Printers

  2. Under ‘Connect and manage’, tap Printers

  3. Select Create a Printer Station.

  4. Name your printer and select the ticket types you want sent to this printer.

  5. Under ‘Use this printer for’, select Order Tickets.

  6. Toggle on Use this printer for order tickets, Single item for ticket and Compact tickets.

  7. Tap Save.

Note: Order tickets are not automatically printed for each order, and you’ll need to manually select the orders you want to print.

Print Order Tickets

To print an order from your KDS:

  1. Locate the order you want to print. 

  2. Tap the printer icon.

Test a Printer Station

When you create a printer station, the printer name displayed is automatically determined by each expo station. If you have multiple expo stations connected to a single printer, each expo may generate a different name.

To test a printer with multiple expo stations connected:

  1. Open the KDS and tap Settings > Printers

  2. Next, tap the printer you’d like to test.

  3. Tap Soak Test Printer Station.

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