Forward Multiple Domains to Your Square Online Site

Although your Square Online site can only have one domain name assigned to it, you can still use multiple domains with a single site by using domain forwarding.

For example, if you already own "mybusiness.com", you can purchase and forward "mybusiness.net" to "mybusiness.com". This is so that anyone who visits "mybusiness.net" will see the same website had they entered "mybusiness.com" in their web browser. In other words, the moment a site visitor enters "mybusiness.net" into their web browser, the browser will automatically route them to "mybusiness.com" instead, making the website connected to "mybusiness.com" appear.

Note: This is different from URL redirects, which help forward old page URLs to new ones (particularly when you move your website to a new host but keep the same domain connected to it). Learn more about URL redirects in Square online.

Connect a Primary Domain to Your Site

To set up domain forwarding, start by choosing a primary domain to publish your Square Online site to.

If your domain is already assigned to your site, you can move on to the next section.

If you don't have a domain for your site yet, learn more about getting started with domains for Square Online so you can see how to purchase and register a new domain with Square. You can also learn how to connect your domain to Square Online if you have a domain registered outside of Square.

Forward Additional Domains to Your Primary Domain


Once you have your primary domain connected to your site, you can forward additional domains to it.

To forward a domain in Square Online:

  1. In your Square Online Overview page, go to Website > Domains.

  2. Under the domain you want to forward, select Manage > Manage domain.

  3. Under Destination, select Edit site destination.

  4. Choose the Forward to a URL option and type in your primary domain.

  5. Select Save when finished and repeat the process for any other domains you want to forward.

Note: If the domain you wish to forward is hosted outside of Square, reach your current domain host with any forwarding questions.

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