Square Profile FAQs

At Square, we are committed to the protection of individuals’ data and privacy rights, and we strive to help you comply with your own privacy obligations – including the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’).

You can read Square’s Buyer Privacy Notice to learn more.

What is the Square Profile?

The Square Profile is an online portal that’ll allow you to more easily view, export and delete personal information you’ve shared with Square starting on 28 June 2023. This tool will allow you to exercise your choices regarding your data.

Why did we build the Square Profile?

At Square, your privacy is important to us and we work hard to protect your personal information.

We have created the Square Profile to give you more control over the personal information we collect when you transact with sellers who use Square to process your card payments (your sellers). For example, you can use the Square Profile to do things like opt out of receiving digital receipts or promotional communications from your sellers. You can also add, download or delete your contact information.

To learn more about the choices available to you, please see the Your Choices section of Square’s Privacy Notice.

What personal information am I able to manage in Square Profile?

You’re able to add and manage the following information from your Square Profile.

  • Contact information: manage your account details and contact information, such as phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Payment information: manage your payment preferences and saved credit or debit card details.
  • Addresses: manage physical addresses you’ve saved for a faster checkout.
  • Gift Cards: manage saved gift cards for Square merchants.
  • Notifications and receipts (US Sellers only): manage communications and receipts from Square merchants.

Note on shopping with US Sellers

When you transact with Sellers in the United States, we offer some features to you, which we refer to as our buyer features. These include:

  • The ability to choose to automatically receive digital receipts from all sellers you visit;
  • Inclusion of your masked contact information in the directory of your sellers; and
  • Email marketing and other communications from your sellers.

For example, after you complete a transaction at a US Square seller, we offer you the option of receiving a digital receipt. If you choose this option, you can then choose to enter your contact information, which can then be used to send you a digital receipt for your purchase and any other future purchases you make with one of your sellers. When you select the option of receiving an emailed digital receipt and agree to also receive marketing from your sellers, they can use Square to send you communications, including promotional messages.

Through Square Profile, you’re able to manage any personal information you’ve provided when using the buyer features, including the ability to add, download or delete contact information you provide when you sign up to receive digital receipts and email marketing from your sellers.

How do I sign up for Square Profile?

To create an account to use Square profile:

  1. Go to profile.squareup.com.
  2. Enter your phone number to receive a verification code.
  3. Enter your verification code.
  4. Complete the steps to add your name and email address.

How do I log into Square Profile?

To access your Square profile:

  1. Go to profile.squareup.com.
  2. Enter your phone number or email address to receive a verification code.
  3. Enter your verification code to access your Square profile.

How do I manage my Square profile?

Within Square Profile, you’re able to verify and add additional contact information, such as your email address, phone number and payment card to your profile, as well as delete your Square profile at any time.

To verify your information, go to the Profile page. To add information, select Add phone, email or card.

To download your data, select Download my data.

To delete your Square profile and all data associated with the buyer features, go to the Delete your data section of Square profile. Note that, once your Square profile data is deleted, the deletion is permanent. You’ll no longer receive communications at any verified email address or phone number.

If you’d like your data deleted from individual Square sellers you have visited, please contact them directly.

How can I link a new phone number or email address to my payment card?

  1. Go to profile.squareup.com.
  2. Go to Payment Methods. Then, add or change your email address or phone number associated with your card.

Can I manage data I have provided to my sellers to participate in a Loyalty or text message marketing programme in Square Profile?

No, Square Profile doesn’t include seller Loyalty programmes or promotional text message programmes that you’ve opted into individually with your sellers. If you’ve signed up for a Square seller’s Loyalty or text marketing programme and you’d like to change your preferences, text STOP to stop receiving promotional text messages from that seller or contact the seller directly.

What personal information does Square obtain about me when I use Square Profile, Square Pay or Customer Accounts?

When you use our buyer features, we collect your personal information in the following ways:

  • Information we obtain when you visit our Square Profile portal: when you use our Square Profile portal, we passively get certain information about your device, and how you browse or use our portal, such as your IP address, device characteristics, the web pages you click on and the dates and times of your visits.
  • Information we obtain when you sign up for a personalized Customer Account or Square Pay through Square Online seller sites: when you sign up for a Customer Account on a seller’s website, we collect your name, email address and phone number, and we passively get certain information about your device, and how you browse or use our portal, such as your IP address, device characteristics, the web pages you click on and the dates and times of your visits. When you sign up to use Square Pay, we collect your email address, phone number, name and credit card information to store for future checkout use across Square seller sites with your consent.

For more information about the types of personal information we collect about you, please see the Information We Collect section of our Privacy Notice.

How does Square use my personal information?

We collect and use your personal information so we can provide you with Customer Accounts and Square Pay and improve and develop our products and services. We also might use your information for other reasons, including to:

  • Communicate with you about our services you use;
  • Advertise and market to you on behalf of your sellers or from Square, with your consent;
  • Conduct internal analytics (for example, to understand how customers engage with Square’s different products);
  • Manage, develop and improve our products and services; and
  • Protect our services and maintain a trusted environment (for example, to detect and prevent fraud, to secure our services and to ensure our services aren’t used unlawfully).

To learn more about how Square uses your personal information, please see the How We Use Your Information section of Square’s Privacy Notice.

Does Square share my personal information?

We share your personal information with:

  • Your sellers: When you use your account to checkout on a seller’s website, your phone, email and address (if required for your order to be fulfilled) is shared with the seller to fulfil your order and notify you of order updates. If you consent to receive marketing messages from the seller, they might also use the phone number or email address from your account for marketing purposes. You may opt out of marketing from the seller by replying “STOP” to text messages or clicking the “unsubscribe” link in emails.
  • Our vendors that help us run our services; and
  • Individuals whose information you or your seller provides to Square when you use your card to make a payment.

To learn more about how Square shares your personal information, please see the How We Share Your Information section of Square’s Privacy Notice.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you’ve any additional questions, you can contact our privacy team at privacy-eu@squareup.com with any questions or write to Squareup International Ltd., Fumbally Square, Fumbally Lane, Dublin 8, Ireland.

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