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Use Conditional Sales Tax Rules with the Square App

Whether your customers are eating in or taking away, you can apply conditional tax accurately and automatically with the Square app on an iOS or Android device. Customise your tax settings from your online Square Dashboard so they work in tandem with your existing Dining Options

Manage Tax Rules Online

Set Up Tax Rules

Before getting started, make sure you complete the following:

Then, follow these steps:

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, click Create a Tax Rule.

  2. Give your new rule a name > click Select Tax to choose VAT to omit from this rule. 

  3. Click Select Dining Options > choose the dining option that will trigger this tax rule.

  4. Click Assign Items to select items that will have VAT omitted.

Edit Tax Rules

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, visit Taxes.

  2. Click the tax rule you’d like to modify > edit the rule > Save.

Tips for Using Tax Rules

  • Conditional tax rules allow you to preset conditions where VAT won’t be applied. During setup, make sure to select items that won’t have VAT applied when a specific dining option is used. For example, let’s say ‘dine in’ coffee should have VAT, but coffee for ‘take away’ shouldn’t. You’ll want to create a tax rule that removes VAT when the ‘dine in’ option is applied, and then add the coffee item to the rule.

  • Similar to dining options, conditional taxes can be applied to all items in the basket, or to individual items. Dining options and tax rules work together, so a tax rule will apply to a sale based on how the linked dining option is applied to the sale (either to the entire basket or to a specific item). Learn more about applying dining options from the Square app.

  • A tax rule can’t be applied to a basket total – only to the items in the basket.

  • Tax rules aren’t compatible with item modifiers