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Accept Tips with the Square App

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Customise your Square app settings to accept tips electronically when your customers pay by card. All tip amounts are viewable from your payment history.

Enable Tipping In-App

  1. Tap More to navigate to the menu.

  2. Tap Settings > Checkout > Tipping.

  3. Toggle Collect Tips to on.

Tipping Settings

Select between Smart Tip or Custom Tip amounts.

Smart Tip Amounts

When Smart Tip Amounts is turned on, tipping works as follows:

  • If a transaction is less than €10, the available tipping options are: No Tip, 50c, €1 or €2.

  • For a transaction €10 or more, the available tipping options are: No Tip, 5%, 10% or 15%.

Custom Tip Amounts

Enabling percentage amounts allows you to set three custom amounts, which you can adjust at any time. To create custom tipping amounts:

  1. Tap Set Percentage Amounts within your tipping settings.

  2. Tap each amount field to enter your custom percentage.

  3. To allow your customers to enter a tip amount of their choosing, toggle Allow Custom Amounts to on.

Note: Setting your fixed percentage amounts to 0% will only give your customers the ability to enter a custom tip amount.

Tip Calculation

You will need to select if you would like your tips to be added before or after your taxes have been applied to the sale.

Tipping and Square Online

Learn more about accepting tips and other checkout options for your Square Online site.