Create and assign item categories with Square for Restaurants

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This article is for business owners and team members with item creation permissions creating and assigning item categories with Square for Restaurants. Learn more about team member permissions with Square for Restaurants.

Before you begin

You can assign individual items to categories to track them in your Square for Restaurants reporting and inventory. Item categories also route items to your specific printer stations.

To create an item category, you need access to your Square Dashboard. To assign categories to a printer station, you need access to your Square Restaurants POS app. If you do not have a printer station, learn how to create a printer profile.

Create a category

  1. Log in to your Square Dashboard and click Items & orders > Items > Categories.

  2. Click Create category.

  3. Enter a Category Name and an optional category image.

  4. Click Add items to add items to your category. If you want to assign items later, click Done.

  5. Configure the additional settings, then click Save.

Assign categories to printers

After you create item categories, you can assign categories to specific printers from your Restaurants POS app.

  1. Open your Restaurants POS app and tap Account > Settings > Hardware > Printers.

  2. Select a printer station or tap Create printer station.

  3. Under Use this printer for, tap In Person Orders.

  4. Toggle on Use this printer for in-person order tickets.

  5. Tap Categories to print and select the categories you want to assign to that printer.

  6. Tap the back arrow and tap Save.

Next steps

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