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Set Up Your Printer with Square for Restaurants

Most restaurants need to print specific menu items to separate printers. For example, if an order has both drinks and appetisers, you can set up a bar printer to receive drinks, and a kitchen printer to receive appetisers.

Once you’ve connected your supported printer, you can create a printer station to start routing categories to separate printers:

  1. On an iPad, tap Account > Setup Hardware. If using Square Register, tap Utilities and Settings.

  2. Select Create Printer Station.

  3. Name your printer (for instance “Bar Printer”) and select the ticket and receipt types sent to this printer.

  4. Under Print From This Device, you can choose Receipt, Bills, and Reporting print options — as well as Order Tickets (tickets containing food & beverage orders), Order Ticket Stubs (numbered tickets for Quick Service Restaurants), and Voided Tickets.

  5. Scroll down and enable categories you’d like to send to this printer station.

  6. Tap Create Printer Station.

Printer Station Troubleshooting

When you create a printer station, the printer name displayed is automatically determined by each device. If you have multiple devices connected to a single printer, each Device may generate a different name.

For example, let’s say you want to send Appetizers from two points of sale to a single kitchen printer. When you connect both devices to the printer, the first device may identify the kitchen printer as Printer 1, and the second device may identify it as Printer 2, depending on how many active printers you have. To make sure both devices send Appetizers to the same printer, you’ll need to perform a print test.

To get started:

  1. Open the Square for Restaurants App > Account > Setup Hardware. If you are using Square Register, tap Utilities and Settings.

  2. Next, tap Create a Printer Station.

  3. Select a printer and tap Print Test.

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