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Item Modifiers in Square Online

What Are Modifiers?

With item modifiers you can sell items that are customisable or offer additional choices. These are different from item variations, such as size or colour, because they’re not tied to your inventory levels and can be applied to any item.

There are two types of item modifiers: a text input box and a list of options. You can use modifiers with item variations to create products with a range of options for your customers to choose from. For example, if you’re selling an engraveable bracelet that comes in multiple sizes. Your item variations would be the sizes (small, medium, large, etc.), and the modifier would be the custom text to engrave (the customer’s name or initials).


When a customer views your item page, they’ll see the modifiers and options you added and will be able to choose what they want before adding the item to the basket.

Create a List Type Modifier

When adding or editing an item in your online store, scroll down to the Modifiers section and click the Manage modifiers button. On the next screen, click Create New to create your first modifier.


Click the option to create a list of modifiers and give the list a name so customers know what they’re choosing. Enter each item (and an optional price adjustment) in the Choice field, and click Done after each entry.

You can also set up location-specific modifiers. This lets you offer the same item but with different modifiers depending on where it’s purchased from. Once your entries are completed, select the specific locations where this modifier will be available or select Available at all future locations.

Note: Location-based modifiers are only available for list modifiers and not text box modifiers.

When you’re finished, click Save to return to the Manage modifiers page. On this page you’ll see any modifiers applied to the item as well as a list of all modifiers. Tick the box next to a modifier to apply it to the item.

Create a Text Box Modifier

From your Square Online Overview page, click Items > Site Items. On your item page, select Manage Modifiers, click the Create new button and choose the text box option.

Note: You can also create text modifiers from your Square Item Library. Discover how to create and manage item modifiers for more information.


The text box modifier only has a few options:

Text Box Label, Character Limit, and an option to make the field required. The label text is what customers will see on the item page, so choose something that will make sense to them. Click Save when you’re done to go back to the Manage modifiers page.

Add Modifier Images

Note: Using modifier images requires an upgrade on your Square Online site.

By adding images to your modifiers, you can make online ordering for your customers much quicker, easier and more enticing. To add images to your modifiers in Square Online:

  1. From your Square Online Overview page, go to Items > Site Items.

  2. Select an item from your list or create a new one.

  3. Under Modifiers, select Manage modifiers.

  4. Select the button to create a new one or select “...” > Edit to change an existing one.

  5. Select the button to upload your own image or use one of our suggested images.

  6. Select Save when finished.

You can also add images to your modifiers from your Square Item Library in the Modifiers tab. Learn more about creating and managing item modifiers online from your Item Library.

Manage Modifiers

From the edit item page, click the Manage modifiers button to open the management page. You’ll see all of the modifiers you applied to this item here. All modifiers are available on the manage modifiers screen whenever you edit or add an item, so you can quickly apply them to any item.


Use the tick boxes in the Apply Modifiers section to turn individual modifiers on or off for the current item. You can also edit, duplicate or delete modifiers by clicking the “. . .” icon.

If you want to add more modifiers, click the Create New button and follow the steps outlined above.

Click the Done button to return to the edit item page.

Edit modifier settings


You can adjust the settings for list-type modifiers at the item level, meaning the changes will not affect any other items that have the same modifiers. Click the cog icon to access these settings.


You can adjust the following settings here:

Visibility: Tick this box if you don’t want the modifier to show up on receipts.
Number of Choices: Set a minimum and maximum number of choices. In this example, we don’t want the customer to choose more than one level of spiciness for their food, so the minimum and maximum are both set to 1. If you change the maximum number to anything higher than 1, the options display as tick boxes to allow multiple choices.
Make Default: Use the tick boxes to set a default option (or options). Options you tick are pre-selected on the item page. Customers can choose a different option or leave the default choice.
Hide: Use the tick boxes to hide individual options if they aren’t available for this specific item.

Click Done when you’re finished to return to the edit item page. Save when you’re done editing to make the item modifiers available on your published website.

Mark Modifiers as Sold Out

When a modifier sells out, you can update its status to indicate this. This sold-out status will be reflected on your online shop, maximising omni-channel sales based on available inventory while minimising accidental overselling. Other channels where this status may appear include Square Restaurants Point of Sale (POS), online Dashboard, Square POS app and online Checkout Links.

From your online Dashboard:

  1. Go to Modifiers in your online Square Dashboard, and click the modifier set you’d like to mark as sold out.

  2. Toggle the Available status off and click Save. Note: If you’ve got more than one active location on your Square account, you will be prompted to select the location(s) in which you want to mark the modifier as sold out.

From the Square app:

  1. Tap More from the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen and select Items.

  2. Tap Modifiers and select the modifier that you want to mark as sold out.

  3. Toggle off the Available status. Note: If you’ve got more than one active location on your Square account, you will be prompted to select the location(s) in which you want to mark the modifier as sold out.

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