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Managing Online Orders with Square FAQs

What is the difference between Square Online and partnership integrations?

Square Online enables you to design your own website where customers can place online orders for pickup and delivery.

Partnership order integrations allow you to leverage popular ordering platforms your customers already use for pickup, curbside and delivery.

Both platforms will push online orders to the Orders tab in the Square app.

Why are my delivery orders reflecting as Pickup or Curbside in the app?

When a customer places an order through a third-party partner, you’ll be able to view them in the Click and Collect section of the Orders tab.

I want to receive a notification every time I receive a new order. How can I set this up?

On your Square Point of Sale app, go to Settings > Orders from the main menu and tap Alerts & Notifications. Toggle on Allow Notifications to receive a notification on your device when you receive a new order. You can also toggle on Allow click and collect alerts to receive an alert when your customer arrives. Make sure that you have also allowed notifications for the Square POS app on your iOS or Android device. 

Note: Push notifications will not show up on Square Terminal or Square Register. 

Can I manage orders for multiple locations from the app?

Not at this time. Orders are location-specific. To manage orders for multiple locations in one place, head to your online Square Dashboard.

Can I manage orders from my Square Terminal?

Yes, you are able to manage your online orders directly from your Square Terminal.

Read more about managing orders on Square Terminal.

Can I send specific item categories to different printers for online order tickets?

Yes! If you’ve assigned item categories to different printer stations, when online orders come in, they’ll follow the same routing logic as orders placed in-house.

Can I cancel items once a customer places an order?

To partially or completely cancel an order, you’ll need to take action from the ordering platform where the order was placed. You will not be able to cancel an order from the Square app.

Once the order is cancelled through the partner, it will be moved to Completed.

Will Square discounts work with online orders?

Not at this time.

Why is the status of my order marked in red?

The status of an order will be in red if the order is “at risk” of being late. This is determined by looking at the prep time, pickup time and the time the order was placed. You can set these timelines from the Settings tab in Square Online or with your order integration partner.

For example, if an order is placed at 10:00 a.m. for pickup at 10:30 a.m. and there’s a prep time of 35 minutes, the order status will be marked in red as the order is at risk of not making the pickup time. Orders marked in green are not at risk of being late, allowing you to prioritise appropriately.

Learn more about managing online orders with Square.

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