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Square Loyalty Get Started Guide

With Square Loyalty, you can create a digital loyalty rewards programme that will keep your customers coming back again and again – with incentives they earn with each purchase.

This guide will help you set up, operate and get the most out of your Loyalty Programme.

Sign Up

When you sign up for Square Loyalty, your customers earn points for every purchase they make, even when they use cash, from your Square Point of Sale App. You can get started with creating your own Loyalty Programme by choosing what your customers will earn:

Loyalty Customize Your Program

They don’t need to receive a digital receipt in order to accumulate points – simply have your customer enter their phone number after they checkout and consent to being added to your Loyalty Programme. Your customers will be notified via text message when they sign up with a link to their Loyalty activity on their own buyer status page, and each time they earn a reward.

Next, you can choose your programme type; either visit-based, amount spent or item/category-based: 

Before you have the chance to review your Loyalty Programme offerings, set up your rewards:

Loyalty reward creation

Square’s Loyalty programme subscription cost is based on your customer’s participation with your programme, and the total number of qualifying Loyalty Visits across all active locations.

Monthly Location Cost Loyalty Visits
£25 Up to 500
£45 501-1,500
£65 1,501-10,000
Contact Square Sales Greater than 10,000

Set Up Multiple Locations: If your business has more than one location, you can create a Loyalty programme at any or all of your locations. Your customers can earn points and redeem rewards at any of your participating locations.

Manage your Loyalty Programme

Edit your Loyalty Programme: Update your Loyalty Programme from the Settings Page of your online Square Dashboard anytime with no affect on your customers’ existing, earned points.

Add tiers to your Loyalty Programme: Add tiers to your program from your online Square Dashboard, and customers will accumulate points towards rewards based on predefined tiers. Read more about creating a loyalty programme.

Redeem rewards: Once you’ve set up your Loyalty Programme, you can easily view and redeem rewards your customers have earned from the Square App.

Assign Loyalty permissions to your team: You can assign permissions to your team to allow them to take action on your Loyalty account. Actions range from granting team members access to view Loyalty reporting, allowing them to manage customer data, and configuring your Loyalty Programme settings.

Read more about promoting your Square Loyalty programme.

Manage your Loyalty Customers

Enrol your customers: After you’ve set up and activated your Loyalty Programme and subscription, a screen inviting your customers to enrol in your Loyalty Programme will appear after each transaction regardless of whether their purchase has earned them a point, reward or not.

View a customer’s Loyalty status: You are able to keep track of your customer’s Loyalty status from your Customer Directory. Access their profile activity feed to see when they enrolled, points and/or rewards earned, redemptions and more.

Manually adjust a customer’s Loyalty status: To edit a customer’s point count, locate their customer profile from your online Square Dashboard or the Square Point of Sale app and assign them the correct number of points.

View your customer’s rewards and vouchers: Scroll to the Rewards section of a customer’s directory profile in your online Square Dashboard to see earned vouchers and rewards, and to void any if needed.

Update a customer’s Loyalty phone number: Update or correct a customer’s phone number by searching their Customer Directory profile.

Learn more on how to manage your Square Loyalty Programme.

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