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Connect Recommended Hardware to Square Register

Square Register makes it easy to connect compatible cash drawers, receipt printers and barcode scanners. To start, be sure your Square Register is connected to the Hub, plugged into a power outlet and powered on.

Connect Hardware to Square Register

From printers to cash drawers, connecting hardware usually requires a few simple steps to get you up and running. Refer to the instructions below for commonly used, third-party hardware accessories.

Important to Note

  • Prior to connecting hardware, ensure that your Square Register is connected to the Hub, power adapter and power adapter cable.

  • When a piece of hardware is properly connected, Square Register will confirm with an on-screen notification as well as with an audio indication.

  • Other Bluetooth-connected hardware accessories that aren’t printers, including Bluetooth-connected barcode scanners, are not supported with Square Register at this time.

USB and Ethernet Printers

1. Depending on the printer model, plug the appropriate cord directly into your Hub or router.
2. Tap More from the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen > Settings > Hardware.
3. Tap Printers > Create Printer Station.
4. Enter a printer name, select the appropriate printer from the Printer list and specify what the printer will be used for (e.g. Receipts, Bills and Reports, Order Tickets or Order Ticket Stubs).
5. Review your printer settings – including the option to Automatically Print Receipt, Entering a Custom Name or Number for the order or Print a Ticket for Each Item.
6. Tap Save. Tap Test Printer to ensure the hardware is working as needed.

Learn more about connecting a receipt printer to your Square Register:

Bluetooth printers 

Before pairing your Bluetooth printer, make sure your printer is connected to a power source and turned on. The power switch will either be on the back or the side of the printer. To get started:

  1. On your Square Register, go to Settings > Hardware.

  2. From the options listed, locate Bluetooth and toggle the option to ON.

  3. Under Supported Devices, find your branded device (Star or Epson) and select Connect.

  4. Your Bluetooth printer model should then appear on the screen. Select your printer and tap Confirm.

  5. Select Allow access and Pair.

Once you pair your printer to Square Register, you’ll need to create a printer station that uses your Bluetooth printer to print receipts and order tickets. To get started: 

  1. From your Square Register, tap Settings > Hardware > Printers.

  2. Tap Create Printer Station.

  3. Enter a name for your printer station.

  4. Tap Select Printer > Bluetooth printer > Print Test.

  5. If the print test is successful, tap the back arrow to select what you will use this printer for, like receipts or order tickets.

  6. Tap Save.

Compatible Bluetooth printer models

  • Star Micronics mC-Print3 / mC-Print31 

  • Star Micronics mPOP

  • Star Micronics TSP654IIBi

  • Epson TM-M30

  • Star Micronics TSP143IIBi

  • Star Micronics SM series SM-T300i

  • Star Micronics SM series SM-S210i / SM-S210i2

  • Star Micronics SM series SM-S220i

  • Epson TM-m10

  • Epson TM-m30II

Printer-Driven Cash Drawers

1. After successfully connecting your printer by following the instructions above and creating a printer station, connect the cash drawer's interface cable directly into your receipt printer.
2. Tap More from the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen > Settings > Hardware.
3. Tap Cash Drawers > tap Test Cash Drawer to ensure the hardware is working as needed.

Note: Printer-driven cash drawers will not appear under Available Cash Drawers, but you can ensure they work by tapping Test Cash Drawer as noted above.

USB Cash Drawers

1. Connect the cash drawer's USB cable directly into your Hub.
2. Tap More from the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen > Settings > Hardware.
3. Tap Cash drawers > confirm the appropriate cash drawer is listed under Available Cash Drawers.
4. Tap Test Cash Drawer to ensure the hardware is working as needed.

Barcode Scanners

1. With your Square Register running Square Point of Sale, plug your USB barcode scanner into the Hub.
2. Tap More from the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen > Settings > Hardware.
3. Tap Barcode scanners > confirm the appropriate barcode scanner is listed under Available Barcode Scanners.

Note: Bluetooth barcode scanners are not compatible with Square Register.

Troubleshoot the USB Barcode Scanner

If you have any trouble connecting your barcode scanner to Square Register. Please give the following troubleshooting tips a try:

  • Make sure Square Register is plugged into the Hub, and the Hub is plugged into a power adapter. Ensure the power adapter is plugged into an outlet.

  • Clear the Square Register USB accessory port of debris and dust.

  • Plug the barcode scanner into a different port on the Hub.

If you connect your barcode scanner and you receive the error message “USB DEVICE IS NOT COMPATIBLE”, you’ll need to reset your barcode scanner.

Review the following video to learn more about mounting Square Register to your countertop once you’ve finished setting up your hardware. You can also reference the articles below if you run into any issues.

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