Bank Account Troubleshooting

If your bank account verification was unsuccessful, you’ll see an alert in your Square Dashboard.

There are a few scenarios that can cause this:

Non-transactional Bank Account

Square doesn’t support non-transactional bank accounts – they don’t allow money to be debited. Square must be able to credit and debit money to and from your account in the event of a chargeback or refund.

Bank Account Typo

Typos in your sort code or account number can cause bank verification to fail. Double-check your account information and carefully re-enter it. You may need to contact your bank to confirm your sort code and account number.

Bank Verification Cancelled

If you click Cancel Verification after entering your bank account information, the verification process will be cancelled. To restart the verification process, you’ll need to re-enter your bank account information.

Multiple Bank Accounts

Only one bank account can be linked to a single Square account location. If you’d like to have money sent to multiple bank accounts, set up multiple locations, each with its own assigned bank account.

Learn more about linking your bank account.