Refund Overview

Process refunds for payments directly from the Square Point of Sale beta app or your online Square Dashboard. All refunds must be processed within 120 days of the payment date. 

Overview: Refunds with Square

Refund Details Payments
Full Refund Yes
Partial Refund Yes
Processed more than 120 days ago No

Note: If 120 days has passed from the original payment date, you’ll need to refund your customer outside of Square.

How Refunds Work

Square first looks to your Square account balance to cover the refund amount. If your account balance doesn’t cover the refund, Square will withdraw the amount you were paid (sale amount minus initial processing fee) from your bank account and then credit it back to your customer’s card.

For example, if the amount of the original transaction was £25, then £24.50 is withdrawn from your account balance and the fees (£0.50 in this case) are covered by Square. The full purchase amount is always returned to your customer.

Refund Timeline

Refunds may process immediately, but can take up to four business days to complete. 

Note: Refund requests that aren’t covered by your Square balance may not be approved, even if requested within 120 days of the payment date. 

Learn how to process a refund from your Point of Sale app or online Square Dashboard.