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Get Started with Online Checkout in Square POS

Use Square Online Checkout links in your Square Point of Sale to let customers pay you instantly – whether you’re selling in-store, online or via social media. You can download and print a custom QR code to direct your customers to your payment links, offering a simple, contactless payment solution that will allow your customers to self-serve.

There is no monthly fee for using Square Online Checkout links. You’ll only pay Square’s standard eCommerce processing fee of 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction.

For more instructions on setting up and managing Online Checkout links on your online Square Dashboard, check out getting started with Square Online Checkout links.

Get Started

You can start accepting payments with Online Checkout through your Square Point of Sale. You can create checkout links for the following options:

  • Collect payments – to accept money for goods or services.

  • Buyer entered payments – to accept an amount of the customer’s choice.

  • Items – to accept money for items in your Item library.

  • Donations – to allow a donor to enter an amount of their choice.

To create a checkout link from your Square Point of Sale app: 

  1. In your menu, go to Settings and select Online Checkout.

  2. Tap Create Link in the Online Checkout section.

  3. Select your “Link purpose” by choosing either to collect payments, sell items or accept donations.

  4. Enter a name for your link that will be displayed to the customer.

  5. If prompted, enter the amount you want to charge.

  6. Tap Save.

  7. Have your customer scan the QR code with their phone, or share the link anyway you want (e.g. text, email, social media, etc.).

You can also create links through the edit item page.

Square Online Checkout links are only available for domestic sales. If you’d like to sell online internationally or create a fully customizable eCommerce website, learn more about getting started with Square Online.

Print a QR Code

Once you’ve created an Online Checkout link, you can print a QR code to let your customers make a touch-free and self-serve payment. To print a QR Code from your Square Point of Sale app:

  1. In your menu, go to Settings and select Online Checkout.

  2. Create a link, or select a link that you’ve already created. 

  3. From your link share page, select Actions > Print QR Code.

  4. Select your QR code size and Print details. 

  5. Tap Print, and choose your printer. You can also save your QR code as a PDF for printing later.

Buyer Entered Payments

To allow customers to enter custom amounts for Online Checkout links in the Square Point of Sale app:

  1. In your menu, go to Settings and select Online Checkout.

  2. Tap Create link > Collect payments.

  3. Name your link.

  4. Toggle on Allow buyer to enter amount.

  5. Tap Save.

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