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How Customers Can Unsubscribe From Square Seller’s Receipts

Note Square doesn’t share your contact information with sellers you have not directly given it to. You may receive an automatic receipt from a Square seller. This is a convenience feature that Square provides when you are making purchases from Square sellers. Unless you provide your email address directly to a merchant (which includes entering your email to receive a receipt), they cannot see your email address. Square does this to protect individuals’ privacy.

You can unsubscribe from automatic receipts at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of any Square Receipt.

Unsubscribe From a Square Seller’s Receipts

You can unsubscribe from receiving automatic email receipts from Square Sellers directly from your email:

  1. From the bottom of your emailed receipt, click Manage Preferences.

  2. Select Don’t automatically send me any digital receipts.

Note: Even if you’ve unsubscribed from automatic receipts, after the transaction either you or the seller can choose to email you a receipt for that transaction.

Learn more about Automatic Receipts and Square’s Privacy Policy.

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