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Square Loyalty Pricing

Square’s Loyalty program subscription cost is based on each location’s participation with your program.

Pricing is based on each location’s qualifying Loyalty Visits per month in the following tiers:

Monthly Location Cost Loyalty Visits
$60 Up to 500
$100 501-1,500
$140 1,501-10,000
Contact Square Sales Greater than 10,000

A qualifying Loyalty Visit includes:

  • A customer’s enrolment in your Square Loyalty program.

  • A customer’s repeat visit where a loyalty point is accrued, or a reward is earned or redeemed.

Square automatically keeps track of each location’s loyalty visits in the Loyalty section of your online Square Dashboard. View your customers’ monthly participation at any time by using the date range selector in the Visits tab of your Loyalty dashboard.

When you first sign up for Square Loyalty and configure your program, you will see your estimated price per location based on your total monthly transactions and your estimated loyalty participation rate. Your ongoing subscription fee will be charged on the first of the month and will be based on the number of loyalty visits for each location in the previous month.

Note: If you signed up through the Add-on Library in your Square Point of Sale app, you are given a 30-day free trial for your Square Loyalty program. Make sure that you add a subscription payment method for your Square Loyalty program within the 30-day period from the Pricing & subscriptions section of your online Square Dashboard. If a payment method isn’t added, your Square Loyalty subscription will expire and both new and existing customers will be prevented from participating in your program.

Learn more about getting started with Square Loyalty and creating a loyalty program.

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