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Use Predefined Tickets

Ticket Groups help you manage your Open Tickets in Square Point of Sale. Depending on how you use Open Tickets, groups can help you organize tickets across sections of your business. If you frequently use the same Open Ticket names, Predefined Tickets allow you to create a list of names by Ticket Group. Team members can then select from the list of Predefined Tickets when creating new Open Tickets.

Enable Predefined Tickets and Ticket Groups

With this feature turned on, you are able to create and manage Ticket Groups, Predefined Tickets and specify the number of Open Tickets per group.

  1. From the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen, tap More.

  2. Tap Settings > Open Tickets > Toggle on Open Tickets.

  3. Toggle on Use Predefined Tickets.

Note: Instructions provided above are based on the latest Square Point of Sale experience. If you have not yet upgraded, tap the switcher at the top of your Register screen, select Checkout and then under Appearance, tap Upgrade to the new Square Point of Sale.

Create Predefined Tickets and Ticket Groups

Once you create a Ticket Group, you have the option to predefine a set of ticket names that team members can choose from.

  1. Tap More > Settings > Open Tickets, select Create Ticket Group.

  2. Enter a Name for the group (e.g. Dining Room).

  3. Select Automatic Ticket Names or Custom Ticket Names. If you select Automatic Ticket Names, tickets created from and assigned to this group will automatically be named ‘Dining Room 1’, ‘Dining Room 2’, etc. If you select Custom Ticket Names, you can name each ticket manually.

  4. Assign a number of predefined ticket names to the group. Tap Save.

Keep in mind, you can only create predefined tickets from a tablet, Square Register and Square Terminal. Once you create a predefined ticket, you can view it from any device.

Use Open Tickets Menu as Home Screen

By turning this feature on, you are enabling the Open Tickets menu as the home screen in Register. After every completed transaction, you will be returned to the Open Tickets screen instead of the Register app. This is a useful feature for businesses that use Open Tickets to manage customer orders and frequently access the screen.

Create and Manage a Predefined Ticket

  1. In the Open Tickets menu, tap New Ticket in the upper-right corner or select an Open Ticket from one of your groups.

  2. Select a group to assign the ticket to (e.g. Dining Room).

  3. Select your ticket.

Note: Any custom tickets or tickets without a group can be found by selecting All Tickets or Custom – both can be found in your list of Groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have several tickets currently open, what will happen to them if I turn on Predefined Tickets?

Pre-existing tickets will stay open and will be assigned to the Custom group. These tickets are viewable under All Tickets.

Can I use my regular Open Tickets screen as my home screen without creating Predefined Tickets?

Yes, you can still use this feature without creating a predefined ticket.

Why can’t I use my predefined ticket name?

Predefined ticket names that are already in use cannot be recreated until after they are either closed or converted into a custom ticket.

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