InvoiceASAP and Square

InvoiceASAP provides robust, mobile invoicing. Connect your Square account to InvoiceASAP to send and complete invoice payments with Square.

Integrate with InvoiceASAP

Visit Apps in your online Square Dashboard and click Get Started next to InvoiceASAP, or visit the InvoiceASAP website.

To learn more about this integration with Square, visit InvoiceASAP Support.

Note: If you manage multiple locations from your Square account, you’ll need to enable this app for each location you wish to use this with integration.

Subscribe to InvoiceASAP

InvoiceASAP requires a monthly subscription. Learn more about pricing options from InvoiceASAP.

When you select your preferred subscription plan from the InvoiceASAP website, you’ll be navigated to Square to enter your billing information. Square accepts all major payment cards with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover logo. 

Note: While your billing information for InvoiceASAP is managed through your Square account, InvoiceASAP features, services and plan changes are managed through InvoiceASAP directly. Head to your InvoiceASAP account if you need to change your subscription plan.


Payments for InvoiceASAP invoices are processed through Square. If you’re using the InvoiceASAP mobile app for iOS devices, you can process payments using the Square Point of Sale app. These payments will appear as custom amounts in your Square in-app history. 

Note: Offline Mode isn’t currently supported for InvoiceASAP payments processed through the Square Point of Sale app.

If you collect an e-commerce payment for an invoice, you’ll see the payment reflected in your Square sales history with an “InvoiceASAP” description and a corresponding transaction ID. 

Note: Online InvoiceASAP payments made with cash or other tender won’t display in your Square transaction history.


Square’s fee for online payments is 2.9% + $0.30. Fees are applied at the time an invoice is paid. 

For payments processed through the Square Point of Sale app, Square’s fee is 2.65% for swiped card transactions, or 3.4% + $0.15 if manually entered.