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Notes on Payments and Item Descriptions

With Square, you can add notes to items or custom amounts at the time of sale. You can also save descriptions to items in your item library. Learn more about creating items with descriptions.

Item descriptions appear on your digital receipts, in your payment history and in your Item Details spreadsheet. Item descriptions don’t appear on printed receipts.

Note: If a note and description are present for an item within a sale, only the note displays on your customers’ receipts and in the Item Details CSV.

Add Notes on a Smartphone

  1. From your current sale, tap Review Sale.

  2. Tap an item or custom amount to add notes.

  3. Select the back arrow to save the note and return to the current sale.

Add Notes on a Tablet

  1. From the current sale details on the right, select the item or custom amount from the list.

  2. Add notes to the ‘Add a note’ field and then tap Save.

Note: Descriptions and notes cannot be added to a payment after it has processed.

Select an item from your shopping cart to add a note

Learn more about: Point of Sale

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