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Import Third-Party Menus with Square for Restaurants

Import menus from third-party delivery vendors with Square for Restaurants. With this feature, you can import your existing customer-facing menus from other delivery partners, such as Uber Eats or DoorDash. Rather than manually creating each item from scratch, you can now save time and bulk-create your entire menu. 

Get Started

To import a third-party menu from your online Square Dashboard:

  1. Click Items & orders > Menus > Create a Menu.

  2. Click Import a third-party menu.

  3. Click which third-party to import your menu from > click Continue.

  4. Copy and paste the public URL of your menu > click Continue.

  5. Enter the name and location of the menu > click Continue.

  6. Wait until your menu has been imported successfully – do not refresh the page until the file has finished importing.

Edit Imported Menus

From the Menu page, click ••• in the top right-hand corner. You can rename the menu, rearrange display groups, duplicate the menu or delete the menu.

Edit POS Layout

You can edit your POS layout via your online Square Dashboard without using the hardware in your store. Click Edit POS Layout to edit the grid layout on the Square for Restaurants app by changing the tile size, sorting the items or adding multiple pages to make it easier for you and your staff to navigate.

You can click + to add a new or existing item to the grid and add a new or existing display group. You can also add multiple functions for bill actions, custom amounts and item quantities, gift cards, discounts dining options, team management, cash drawers or service charges.

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