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GRUBBRR and Square

Give your customers a seamless self-ordering experience with GRUBBRR kiosks. Integration with Square is fast and simple to turn your iPad into a self-ordering screen. This in-store solution increases revenue, reduces wait times, and improves customer experience, all while reducing costs.

In a few simple steps you can integrate your self-ordering kiosks for use with your Square Point of Sale. Seamlessly synchronise your menu across all the platforms in just one click. Customise it with your logo, branding and images for a consistent look and feel across all your customer-facing channels. Get real-time analytics and reporting in our centralised cloud-based dashboard so you can make informed decisions about menu curation and operations.

You can find more information on the GRUBBRR website.

Integrate with GRUBBRR

To integrate GRUBBRR with your Square account, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the App integrations section of your online Square Dashboard > click Visit App Marketplace.

  2. Search for GRUBBRR in the search bar > click Search.

  3. Under GRUBBRR, click Get Started.

  4. Allow permissions to access your Square account information.

Pricing and Subscriptions

There are no contracts and GRUBBRR plans start from $39.95 USD per month. There are no additional fees for the Square integration. Read more on the GRUBBRR pricing page.

Payments and Reporting

You’ll receive transfers for your GRUBBRR transactions just like your Square Point of Sale payments–following your transfer schedule.

Manage Your GRUBBRR Account

GRUBBRR features, services, and subscriptions are managed by them directly. For additional help, visit the GRUBBRR website. You can also contact their team via email at squaresupport@grubbrr.com.

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