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Create and Manage Pages in the iOS App

You can create and edit pages on your website from within the Weebly app. To get started, log into the app and tap the Edit Site button on the Website screen.


To edit an existing page, open the Page list at the top of the screen and tap the page title. This will open the selected page so you can add and edit content in sections.


To create a page, tap “+ Add Page”, then enter a name for the page and decide if it should be visible in your navigation menu. If you want to hide it from the menu, click the toggle. When you’re done, tap on Add Page to save and open the new page in the editor.


Use the “+ Add Section” button if you want to start building your page right away. To edit the settings, tap Page Settings at the bottom.


You can change the following settings:

Page Name - This is the text shown on your navigation menu (e.g. Home, About Us, etc.).
Tab Title - This text appears in the browser tab when people view your website.
Page URL - This text is part of the page link. You can use this to shorten the link for a page with a longer name. For example, let’s say you have a page at named Location and Hours. The link to this page would be You can use this option to make the page link shorter:
Page Description - Enter a concise description of your business for search engine optimization.

You can also delete the entire page from here using the Delete Page button.

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