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Pointy and Square

Pointy is a tool to help merchants set up a website and attract new customers by displaying their products online. When you install Pointy, a website is automatically created listing all of the store’s inventory, and the entire product catalogue is managed by Pointy, so no data entry is required. The Pointy and Square integration brings this service to Square users, and with a one-click install, the merchant can create a Pointy account and a webpage displaying all of their products.

Learn more on the Pointy website.

Integrate with Pointy

Visit the Apps page of your online Square Dashboard, scroll down to Pointy and click Get Started. You can also visit the Pointy website for more information.

Billing and Pricing

The core Pointy service is currently free for Square users! Find more information on the Pointy pricing page.

Manage Your Pointy Account

Pointy features, services, and subscriptions are managed by them directly. For additional help, visit the Pointy Support Centre. You can also email their team at support@pointy.com.

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