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Delegated Team Management

With Delegated Team Management, you can give your managers the ability to manage your current and future team members, including permission sets, while limiting their access to sensitive account information like bank account and tax details.

Team members with the Manage Team Members permission enabled can:

  • View permissions associated with each permission set
  • Assign new and existing team members to permission sets and locations they’ve been given access to manage
  • Edit team member information, including job titles, personal information and passcodes

Changes to permissions within roles can only be edited by an Owner or Administrator.

Create a New Permission Set With Manage Team Permission

To create a new employee permission set that allows you to delegate Employee Management:

  1. Visit Team > Permissions in your online Square Dashboard and select Create Permission Set.
  2. Tick the box next to each permission you’d like to enable for this permission set, including Manage Team Members.
  3. Click Continue > select the access points at which the team member can use their permission set.
  4. Save.

Invite Team Member to Manage Teams at Multiple Locations

To invite a new team member with delegated Team Management access:

  1. From the Team tab of your online Square Dashboard, select Create New Team Member.
  2. Fill in team member information, including locations where this team member will have access to manage.
  3. Select this new permission set to manage team members, and Save.

Update an Existing Team Permission Set to Manage Team Members

  1. From Permissions in your online Square Dashboard, select an existing permission set to update.
  2. Select Team Management > Continue.
  3. Select the access points that the team member can use their permission set at.
  4. Save.

Note: After updating the team permission set, any team members currently assigned to the existing permission set will now have the ability to manage team members at their locations.

Assign Manage Team Permission to Existing Team Member

  1. From the Team tab of your online Square Dashboard, select an existing team member.
  2. Click on existing permission sets and select the newly created permission set from the dropdown menu.
  3. Confirm team member information and select Save.

Accept Invitation to Manage Team Members

Invited team members will receive an invitation via email and will be able to create an account to manage teams.

  1. Select Create My Account from the invitation email.
  2. Enter and confirm email address and password.
  3. Select Create Account.

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