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Advanced Reporting

Square’s advanced reporting options give you deeper insight into the mechanics of your business. To use advanced options, visit your online Square Dashboard and use the Filter By and Display By options.

Filter Reports

Filters can be used to refine the data displayed in existing reports. To get started with filters:

  1. Visit Reports in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Click the date-selector tool to view a specific timeframe. Note: Click the middle of the date-selector to see a full calendar view.

  3. Click the location-selector tool to view a specific location.

  4. Select Filter By > click one or more filters to apply to your report.

  5. To download your Summary report as a CSV file, click Export in the top-right corner.

Note: Reports will also include data for items that have been deleted from your Item Library.

Report Display Options

You can drill down further with display options, which can be used together with filters.

  1. Visit Reports in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Click the date-selector tool to adjust the time period of your report. Note: For a full calendar view, click the middle of the date selector.

  3. Select a report to view. For example, click Item Sales > Display By > and choose your display option.

  4. Click each row to expand details further.

  5. To download your report as a CSV, click Export in the top-right.

To see all of your most useful reports on one printable page, use your Custom Report Builder. Learn more about your online summaries and reports.

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