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Supported Hardware for Android Devices

The Square Point of Sale app is compatible with a wide variety of third-party hardware accessories. To find a list of supported third-party hardware accessories by Android device, check out our hardware compatibility page.

Note: Bluetooth hardware accessories aren’t currently supported with Android devices, Square Terminal, or Square Register.

Receipt Printers with USB Interface

USB receipt printers can be used to print customer receipts, order tickets, and order ticket stubs. USB printers connect to Android devices via a USB OTG (On-The-Go) adaptor. Make sure your device supports USB OTG or USB Host mode.

Receipt Printers with Ethernet Interface

Ethernet receipt printers can be used to print customer receipts, order tickets, and order ticket stubs. Ethernet interface printers are best for stationary use and aren’t designed to be mobile.

The Ethernet printers compatible with the app are thermal printers. They require heat-sensitive paper and won’t work with non-thermal receipt paper. These types of printers aren’t ideal for kitchens or high-temperature working areas.

Impact Kitchen Ticket Printer with Ethernet Interface

Impact kitchen printers—such as the Star Kitchen Impact Printer SP742ME—only print order tickets for a kitchen. They’re not affected by heat and can withstand warm environments. This printer does not print receipts and won’t work with thermal receipt printer paper. You can purchase the Star Kitchen Impact Printer SP742ME and compatible Calibor Impact Paper via Square Shop.

Learn more about compatible Ethernet receipt printers with your device.

Barcode Scanners

If your inventory management utilises barcode technology for tracking purposes, you can connect a barcode scanner directly to your Square POS app. A barcode scanner allows your staff to quickly scan and checkout items without having to scroll through your item library.

Note: You may need to use a USB OTG adaptor to connect your Android device to USB barcode scanners.

Cash Drawers

You can connect a cash drawer directly to your Point of Sale or through your receipt printer. When you connect a cash drawer, it will automatically open when you accept a cash payment and you can take full advantage of Square’s cash drawer management features.

The USB cash drawer below must be connected to your Android device using a USB OTG adaptor to open automatically after a sale.


You can connect a USB CAS PD-2 USB scale with Square Terminal (with USB Hub for Square Terminal) and Android devices (with either a micro USB on the go (OTG) adapter or USB-C OTG adapter depending on the port on your Android device).

Once you’ve purchased hardware for your Android device, learn how to connect hardware to the Square POS app.

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