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Change the Country of a Square Account

Currently you’re unable to change the country of an existing Square account. If you accidentally created a U.S. Square account, you’ll need to deactivate it and create an Australian Square account. You’ll find instructions below on how to shift your business operations to a localised version of Square Point of Sale. 

You’ll always be able to log in to your old account if you don’t deactivate it. But it may be helpful for record-keeping purposes to download your transaction history from your previous account.

Why should I switch to an Australian Square account?

The localised, Australian version of Square Point of Sale allows merchants to:

  • Process payments in Australia

  • Include an Australian address on receipts

  • Include an ABN on receipts

  • Seamlessly include GST in relevant transactions

  • Receive product updates specifically for the Australian market

  • Contact the Australian Support team.

Set Up a New Account

Once you’ve downloaded your previous account information, follow these steps to set up a new account: 

  1. Sign out of the Square Point of Sale app on your device. If you have trouble, learn how to sign out here.

  2. Click Create Account, enter and confirm a unique email and password and then select your preferred country. Note: You will not be able to reuse an email that’s already been used to create a Square account. 

  3. Enter the requested personal and business details to finish setting up your account. 

 Each country has a specific set of features. Learn which features are available in your country

Transfer Your Item Library

If you have a large item library, you may also want to transfer your library to your new account

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