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Square Tax Reporting and GST Invoices Overview

Learn where to find your GST tax invoice for your Square account.

Square provides a tax invoice to you so you can fulfil your tax obligations to the ATO. If you process any card payments through Square in a calendar month, Square will provide you with a tax invoice in your Square Dashboard on the first day of the following month. Your tax invoice specifies the amount of GST Square has charged on your processing fees. 

Do I Qualify for a GST Tax Invoice?

You will receive a GST tax invoice if you have processed any amount in card payments through Square in the prior month. You can download your GST tax invoices from Tax Invoices in your Square Dashboard.

Don’t see a GST tax invoice for the current month? This is because you did not process any card payments through Square in the previous month. You can view your total sales from your online Square Dashboard.

Tax Reporting Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GST tax invoice?

Your tax invoice from Square specifies the amount of taxes Square has charged on your processing fees. Square provides this tax invoice to you so you can fulfil your tax obligations to the ATO.

How can I get my tax invoice?

If you qualify for a GST tax invoice, it will be available in your online Square Dashboard. You can access your tax invoice online:

  1. Log into Tax Invoices in your online Square Dashboard. 

  2. Download your GST tax invoice and if necessary, update your tax details.

If you don’t see an invoice available for download in Tax Invoices, it is most likely because you didn’t qualify to receive one based on your account activity. A monthly invoice will appear in your dashboard on the first of day of each month if you processed card payments the previous month. If after the first of the month your online Square Dashboard doesn’t show a GST tax invoice and you believe you qualify for one, contact us

How are the amounts on the form calculated?

The amount and transaction count on each form is calculated based on the total fees paid on all card sales you have processed through Square in a calendar month. Please note that your fee rates may vary from the advertised percentage due to rounding, differences in card present/card not present pricing and per-transaction fixed costs. The fee totals are inclusive of all Credit and Debit fees incurred through Visa, MasterCard and American Express transactions. The effective fee rates are calculated by dividing the Processing Fee Amount (including or excluding GST) by the Total Collected Amount.

What if I have multiple accounts?

Each account will have its own tax invoices.

Read more about making sure that your taxpayer information is correct and up to date.