Signing up with Square: Tips for Success

We’ve worked hard to make our onboarding process as easy, intuitive, and seamless as possible. Nonetheless, we want each and every prospective user to feel supported as they prepare to join us. This is why we’ve provided this guide to the onboarding process. Here, we’ll share some tips for successful and frictionless onboarding, so you can start accepting flexible payments from your customers as quickly and easily as possible.

1. How to get started

Having the right information to hand during the sign-up process can make the onboarding process quicker and easier. Before you start, you should assemble all of this information in advance. Keep it all in one place for easy reference.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • your email address
  • brief business details and what you do
  • Tell us about how your business is structured (for example: sole trader, partnership, limited company).
  • Legal and trading company address.
  • Company registration number, if applicable.
  • VAT number, if applicable.
  • SEPA bank account details to start taking payment and transfer your funds to

2. Personal and business details

We take our users’ privacy and data security extremely seriously, so we’ll verify your identity and check against money laundering or fraud. Any party who owns 25% of your business or more will be classed as an account holder. As such, you will need to provide:

  • full legal names (including first name, last name and second last name) of all account holders
  • dates of birth
  • home address and postcode
  • phone numbers

Make sure that this information is accurate and up to date for every person, or you may encounter a delay during the verification process.

You will also be able to add employees to your Square account. To do this, you only need their full legal names.

3. Bank linking

​​To take payments with Square in-person, online or over the phone, you need to link your bank account.

Square requires a transactional bank account (an account that allows for both transfers and withdrawals) to support refunds and chargebacks. Your bank account must be euro denominated with an IBAN from a SEPA-participating country. Prepaid cards or online-only accounts (such as PayPal) aren’t supported.

You’ll be able to accept payments through your Square account while you’re waiting for your bank account to verify. Any payments you accept during this time will remain in your Square balance until your bank account is linked. Once the verification process is complete, Square will send all funds in your Square balance to your bank account within 36 hours.

You’ll need a transactional bank account that can send and receive funds, but this does not need to be a merchant account. Make sure you have the following to hand:

  • IBAN
  • your full name as it appears on your bank statement

Once you have submitted this, the verification process will begin. You’ll receive an email from us letting you know when your account is verified. However, if you want to be proactive, you can check the status of your verification by visiting the Account & Settings section of your online Square Dashboard and clicking on ‘Bank Accounts’.

As soon as your account is verified, you’ll be able to accept payments from customers.

Onboarding FAQs

If you are still having issues with the onboarding process despite the tips and guidance above, we have compiled this FAQ section to help you overcome any potential hurdles. You can also read our Point of Sale article for guidance.

Can I sign up within the Square app?

Yes. You can go through the onboarding process for Square Point of Sale either online or in-app, depending on which is more convenient. However, you will still need access to all of the same information. Once you have downloaded the app, tap ‘Create Account’ to begin the process.

I’m a charity/non-profit organisation. What business structure should I choose?

Those registering for a Square account for their non-profit organisation or charity should choose ‘General Partnership’. The only exception to this is if your organisation is registered with Companies Registration Office (CRO) – in which case, choose ‘Company’.

My identity verification has failed. What should I do?

Our automatic verification tool compares the information you enter during your onboarding against public sources, including the electoral roll. If verification fails, it’s usually because the information or the format does not match those sources.

We recommend checking that the information you have sent is up to date and accurate, and that it has been entered into the form using the correct format.

If your verification fails four times or more, contact a member of our Customer Success team. They can review the information you have provided and suggest documentation that will enable you to successfully pass verification.

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